LeBron James | News - net worth, marital status, endorsements, and more

News by Clarence Published on 01 Aug,2016 Updated on 27 Jul,2017

Lebron James, a renowned basketball player, is recently playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. He has plenty of endorsements which bring him $53 million yearly.

James has earned huge fame and name in short time. His fans are curious to know about how much does their favorite NBA player earn. Here we have all details about his income sources and net worth. 

LeBron James Net Worth, Income Sources

LeBron James, 31 years old NBA star, is looking forward to becoming the first billionaire athlete after Michael Jordan. James has earned $126 million in his NBA career from his salary and endorsements. During his career, he has banked $450 million.

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He signed a seven-year, $90 million, a pact with Nike before being drafted by the Cavaliers with the No. one overall pick in 2003. Some months back, LeBron James signed a very unusual lifetime contract with NIKE. He has $340 million net worth.

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James said publicly that he has a goal to hit the $1 billion mark one day. LeBron is clearly worth it for NIKE because he sells $350 million worth of basketball sneakers in one year which is more than any athlete. 31-year-old James is one of those rare superstars who will keep selling shoes even if he leaves the court.

James' Career Highlights

Last season he made $20.8 million for the Cavaliers and made $44 million in endorsements which include NIle, Coca-cola, Samsung, and Kia. His ability on the basketball court has placed him in the 18th position of the highest paid celebrities of 2015. 

Beyond sports, LeBron James also has a career in entertainment and he got good reviews for his role in the movie Trainwreck. His entertainment company recently announced a deal with Warner Bros. for producing content for television, film and online.


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His career started and he became a star immediately after skipping college to join the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.  When James was allowed to move in with a family of Frank Walker, he introduced James to basketball and raised as a megastar. James  now has a family having his wife Savannah Brinson, Two sons and a daughter