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Inside Biography

Brennen Taylor, age 24, is an American actor, comedian, and, YouTuber. He first grabbed attention for his role in the movie Palo Alto. He is also one of the recognized faces on YouTube. He has over 3.02 subscribers on his eponymous YouTube Channel.  

Early Life

Taylor was born on April 03, 1995, in California, United States of America. He has two siblings, Brother Jake Taylor, two sisters Lisa and Jess Taylor.

He is a white American and does not belong to any particular ethnicity. He spent the majority of his childhood in his hometown California with his siblings and family. 


Brennen Taylor created his first social media account on Vine a few years ago. The reason behind his fast popularity is the sense of humor and his vibe guy-next-door. Apart from being a social media star he also involved in TV shows and movies

Today, Taylor has over 1.7 million followers on his Vine account. He is also active in different social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat with millions of fans following him. From 2005 to 2010, his TV series Numb3rs was broadcasted on CBS.

The show was about two brothers, one cop and another brother mathematician, and solving cases together. In 2009, he gained more popularity as he appeared in the episode called Sneakerhead. He also involved in a short film known as Fort Brother.

In 2013, Taylor's real popularity came about when he played the movie Palo Alto. This movie was featured famous Hollywood celebrities like James Franco, Emma Roberts, and Val Kilmer. By that time Taylor was already famous because of his You Tubes videos, and his appearance in TV series Numb3rs. The movie Palo Alto was quite well received at the box office.

Maggie Lindemann's Ex-Boyfriend Brennen Taylor Is Currently Dating Brennen Taylor

Taylor is not married yet. But he has one steady girlfriend from the past many years now. He has been spending a lot of time with 21 years old singer and social media queen Maggie Lindemann. Recently, both snaps chat quite frequently. The couple, however, broke up in 2016. As of now, the YouTuber is dating Brennen Taylor. The couple started dating in Jan 2018. 

Taylor has not been in any marital relationship with women. Talking about the past relationship of Taylor, it is believed that there is no information about past affairs or relationships.

Taylor is a guy who loves to stay indoors and laze around all day. He does not like attending parties. He loves to help dogs instead. He also loves cars. Recently, he helps three dogs from the burning buildings.

Most of Taylor's female fans are deeply into writing fan-fiction about him. He is very popular among ladies because thousands of fan-fiction stories are uploading on the internet about him. He has managed to capture the imagination of thousands of young girls because of his charm, humor, and looks.

Net Worth

5ft 10 inches tall Taylor has made a ma s sive amount of money from his YouTube Channel. He also earns money from social media sites like Instagram. He is a millionaire who has a ma s sive amount of money which makes his lifestyle luxurious.

Though the exact figure of his net worth is still a little unclear, Brennen has a net worth of $0.5 million, in 2019. He has over 3.02 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel. It plays a major role in his earnings. He can make between $34.3k to $549.1k from his channel. 

the movie he has appeared has performed well at the box office with the recorded business of about 1.2 million USD.

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