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Robert Pickering Burnham aka Boe Burnham, is an American comedian, poet, actor, director as well as a singer. He is known best for his satirical and comic songs which are related to social issues, the culture of celebrities, and the comic nature.

His YouTube Channel has garnered him widespread attention and acclaim and has been the subject of his popularity. His channel has 1.4 million-plus subscribers and 230 plus video views as of July 2018. Let's dive a bit deep into his early life, education, career, net worth, personal life.

Early Life And Education Of Bo Burnham

Boe Burnham was born on 21 August 1990 to father Scott Burnham and mother Patricia. His father owns a construction company while his mother is a staff nurse.

Burnham was born in Ma s sachusetts and grew up with his siblings Pete and Samm. He attended the Suffolk Law School and later joined Cornell University for his graduation. Before this, he studied at St. John’s Preparatory School where he was involved in theatre and was a creative student.

Burnham also applied to the University of Southern California, Yale University, and was also accepted to the Tisch School of Art to study Experimental Theatre but later dropped off to pursue his media career.

Bo Burnham's Career

In 2006, Burnham videotaped himself performing two songs and posted them on YouTube to share with his family. Soon the video got a lot of recognition and went viral on social media via Youtube,, and other sites. Continuing his pa s sion he kept releasing self-described "pubescent musical comedy", songs and videos. 

Burnham signed a four-year deal with Comedy Central Records for his songs in 2008.  He released his debut album named Bo Fo Sho in the same year. His second album entitled Words Words Words was released in 2010 and earned him critical acclaim.

Comedy Central was where his first comedy live was aired and he has also made a large fan following on the short video website Vine. He is also popular on Netflix and he has been made first in the Stand Up Showdown according to votes. His channel Bo Burnham has 1.4 million-plus subscribers and 230 million-plus video views as of July 2018. 

Apart from his website career, he also has starred in the MTV series Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous and has released his poetic collection Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone.  He has also directed and enacted in numerous films and TV series. 

Bo Burnham wrote and directed his first feature film Eighth Grade, which was produced and distributed by A24 and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2018.

Bo Burnham's Net Worth, Salary

Burnham has attained a lot of fame and a huge net worth of $4 million owing to his success on YouTube and films and TV shows. His estimated annual salary is around $2 million. He has earned this amount of figure from his multiple careers. He is considered one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. He has collaborated with numerous fellow Youtubers including PewDipie, Lilly Singh, Logan Paul, and Amanda Cerny.

Year Annual Salary
2008 $20,000
2009 $50,000
2010 $15,000
2013 $10,000

According to a source, YouTubers earn $2-$5 per 1000 monetized views. So, his YouTube income is also high. 

Is Bo Burnham Dating Someone?

Bo Burnham is an unmarried man. He is not dating anyone publicly. His personal life has been well hidden under the fame.


He is active on Instagram. Burnham frequently shares his day-to-day life with his followers via Instagram. He also has a pet dog. Burnham spends his leisure time with him.  He also travels to different parts of the world.

He also never has had children according to his bio. Fans of this incredibly talented lad sure hope that more details are available about him soon.

Body Measurement

Height: He stands at 6 feet and 5 inches.

Weight:  He weighs 80 kg.

Here is the video of his comedy journey. 


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