Beyonces Five Days Old Twins infected with Jaundice , Born Two Months Premature

News by Riya Published on 21 Jun,2017 Updated on 03 Aug,2017

Beyonce and Jay-Z recently broke the internet, like they always do this time with the news of their newborn twins. However, it's not been such a happy turn of events. The prematurely born twins are reportedly being treated for Jaundice.  

The couple reached the hospital eight days ago and got the good news a day later. But Beyonce and Jay-z haven't left the hospital yet, due to the reported "minor issue." 

Beyonce's 5-days-old Twins caught Jaundice, Born Two Months Premature

As Beyonce delivered prematurely, doctors kept  her and the twins in hospital citing "minor issue."

It has been confirmed that the twins have high bilirubin level in their blood and were kept under Bili lights; a phototherapy, for most of their first day.

Well, the couple hasn't made any official announcement about their twins or their gender. But as per Beyonce's previous announcements, the twins are expected to be a boy and a girl.

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Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles broke the delivery news with a tweet on 18th June

The doctors haven't officially announced the twins are infected with Jaundice.However, they reported they have been kept "under lights"- which often means being treated for Jaundice.  

The Dreamgirls star Beyonce made her pregnancy announcements four months ago, in February via Instagram. she shared a snap baring her baby bump with a caption read

 "We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your good wishes."

Shortly after her announcement, a source reported that she was a 14 weeks pregnant, which confirms Beyonce delivered about two months Premature.