Ascetain Author Katie Lee's Net Worth. Also, Find out her Sources of Income here

News by Clarence Published on 31 Jan,2017 Updated on 05 Jul,2017

Katie Lee is a chef, novelist, Television food critic and also an author of a cookbook. She got into limelight mostly because of her marriage and divorce to popular musician Billy Joel. Her net worth is estimated to be around $10 million by some unofficial sites, however exact official figures aren't known. 

However, because of her divorce settlement with Billy Joel, she did receive a luxury townhouse in New York and reportedly sold it for $11.65 million in 2011. Her own Mansion in Hamptons was sold for $6.5 million as well.

What is the Net Worth of Chef and Author Katie Lee? 

You can see her net worth is estimated to be $10 million in few unofficial sites. Now, as she is a woman of multiple talents and career choices as well as a former wife of a rich and popular pop star, she is definitely not short of money.

 Katie Lee in her kitchen.  Source:

 Katie Lee in her kitchen.


We've mentioned how she has managed to sell two different buildings in $11.65 million and $6.5 million, and that alone tells her sources of income are many and that she has a stable financial hold. Also, probably a really strong net worth. 

She is currently the co-host of 'The Kitchen' on Food Network. And it is definitely her another prominent source of income.

Katie Lee's personal life info: 

Her personal life became very public once she was linked to Billy Joel, he is known for his music career but also for his 3 failed marriages. Katie is the most recent of the former wives. Joel's other two former wives include Christie Brinkley and Elizabeth Weber.

Katie Lee and her former husband Billy Joel  Source: NY Daily News

                      Katie Lee and her former husband Billy Joel

Source: NY Daily News

She met Joel in New York. They dated for a year before getting married in Long Island, at Joel's personal residence in Oyster Bay in 2004.

Chef Katie Lee Divorced her Husband Billy Joel in June 2009. Is she in a New Relation, now?

Katie Lee and Billy Joel separated in 2009 and divorced in 2010. Katie received a New York townhouse as a part of a divorce settlement with Billy Joel which she later sold for $11.65 million.