Are Blood On the Dance Floor's Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity Dating? Details about their Affairs and Relationship History

News by Saburo Published on 28 Aug,2017 Updated on 04 Nov,2019

If you are fans of the electronic and dance-pop group The Blood on the Dance Floor, then you are definitely familiar with the duo Jayy Von Monroe, and Dahvie Vanity. The duo was initially formed by Dahvie Vanity, Christopher Mongillo, and Rebecca Fugate as a trio called Love the Fashion.

Monroe and Vanity performed together from 2009 to 2016 and their album Evolution was the no. 1 dance album of the year 2012. Due to their great bonding on their performance, many of their fans were confused if they were in a relationship. Are they dating for real? We have all the details here.

Are Jayy Von Monroe, and Dahvie Vanity Dating?

The co-member of an American electronic music duo, The Blood on the Dance Floor, Jayy Von Monroe, and Dahvie Vanity were in good terms after being associated with the band. The duo performed for the electronic and dance-pop group together until Monroe left the group in 2016.

Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe

 Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe


Since the duo performed together for the same group, they used to make public appearances together, they were also spotted kissing during their performance.

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It was the kiss due to which fans started speculating about their romance. But the rumors turned to be false since Monroe and Vanity both are straight. It is absolute that they are not dating.

Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe kissing

 Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe kissing

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Also, Jayy Von Monroe is a family man. The twenty-eight-year-old pop singer is married to Lucifera. Got to his Instagram and you can see pictures of his lovely wife. He also took to Instagram to wish his wife on her birthday. 

The couple has not any child, but are sharing a strong bond since their marriage. 


A post shared by JayyVon (@jayyvonhatesit) on Aug 20, 2017 at 9:53am PDT

Monroe was previously in a relationship with Daniel Griffis. According to some sources, the couple started dating in 2009. Their relationship lasted for about three years and they broke up in 2012.

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Vanity is currently dating model and singer Fallon Ven Detta. The thirty-two-year-old pop singer is totally in love with his girl. The proof is all over his social media sites and if we go through his Instagram, we can see several cute pictures of them.

It has also been reported that the couple engaged. Vanity popped the question to her girlfriend Fallon, in Sep 2017. The two announced their good news via their social media posting beautiful pictures with an engagement ring. 

Why Jayy Von Monroe left  Blood on the Dance Floor?

Monroe who joined The Blood on the Dance Floor at the end of 2009 left the group in September 2016. The original member of the duo, Dahvie Vanity announced the news of Monroe's retirement along with his new stage name, Dahvie Insanity, through his Instagram post on 19 September 2016. 

In the shared post, he writes:

I have retired Dahvie Vanity. My new stage name will be Dahvie Insanity. Fits the new vibe for @sinnersarewinnersofficial RIP Dahvie Vanity! I am a very different person now then I was ten years ago. #dahvievanity #botdf #sgtc #ripdahvievanity. 

After a few months of retirement in December 2016,  Monroe made an official statement and came open about why he left The Blood on the Dance Floor and claimed that he was physically and emotionally abused. In the statement, he said he was constricted and creatively limited by other co-members.

Jayy Von Monroe

Jayy Von Monroe

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He shared:

"I went a few years touring and working for the band, but Dahvie insisted not paying me. Instead, he wanted to be somewhat of a caretaker and played that role from the beginning. I allowed it, because I was young, and overwhelmed by the glory of being 18, and touring the nation to meet people that enjoyed the same things I did."

He added:

"There were times when I literally had nothing yet Dahvie was spending lavishly on ridiculous novelties, custom made clothing, and flying random girls in to stay/live with us."

He also disclosed that when he was diagnosed with HIV+, Dahvie didn't allow him to cancel the tours and he performed despite his bad health condition. So, he decided to leave the band since he was paid a minimum amount for his work and decide to begin his new career. 

Dahvie Vanity’s Controversy

In August 2018, several women came forward to share their experiences with Dahvie, some of which used pseudonyms to protect their identities, according to MetalSucks,

A few years back, Dahvie aka Torres began contact with a high school girl named Tye. She met him at a local mall and later Facebook and text conversations where she was upfront with him about her age. She said it didn’t bother him and he gifted her the alias name of “My Little School Girl”.

They went for dinner and then he took her on his SUV. She thought that they were going another but he shoved her face on his penis- she alleged. That was not the first time he was accused of sexual assault with an arrest recording dating back to 2009.

Another woman Shaye when was 14 at that time and her story is similar to Tye and met him the same year. She went to his concert with a shirt wanted the band to sign. After finishing the concert, Torres obliged but instead the one she was wearing and grabbed her boobs in the process.

But, Torres has not publicly responded to any of the allegations made against him.

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Jayy Von Monroe Quick Facts

  • Monroe's birth name is Jeremy Brian Griffis.
  • He was born on August 17, 1991, in Orlando, FL
  • As of 2019, she is aged 28 years. 
  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • He also has performed as a model.

Dahvie Vanity Quick Facts

  • Vanity's birth name is Jesus David Torres.
  • He was born on September 5, 1984, in North Carolina.
  • As of 2019, he is aged 34 years. 
  • His birth name is Virgo.
  • His parents are from Puerto Rico.
  • He has a half-sister.