The Good Wife star Archie Panjabi Is Celebrating Over Two Decades Of Successful Married Life With Husband Rajesh Nihalani-Details Here

News by Nembang Published on 20 Aug,2018 Updated on 17 Sep,2021

The Good Wife star Archie Panjabi is married to her husband Rajesh Nihalani for over two decades now. The actress is leading a low-key personal life and seldom opens about her love life in the mainstream media, how is her relationship with her husband?  

Apart from her long-living conjugal life, she is enjoying a successful career, but one time the actress was dragged into a controversy because of her suspicious relationship with her co-star. Keep reading for the details.     

How Is Archie Panjabi's Married Life With Her Husband Rajesh Nihalani?

The British actress Archie Panjabi is married to her longtime boyfriend Rajesh Nihalani for a long time now. Panjabi and Nihalani tied the knot back in 1998, since then they are happily married and are leading a joyous married life for 21 years and counting. Neither Archie nor her spouse Rajes revealed when and how their love story started. But as per some genuine sources, the couple dated for a while before they committed. 

Since Panjabi comes from an Indian family, her marriage with her husband Nihalani is an arranged one. She chose to follow the Indian tradition and values for her wedding and seems she did the right thing as the couple is living a blissful conjugal life. Her moral values are also a reason for her long-lasting relationship, besides that the pair is loyal and committed to one another.

However, the actress prefers to maintain privacy in her personal life. She barely speaks regarding her love life. As per the reports, the couple doesn't share any children as of now. For some reason, the pair is taking time to be a parent. 

As she is leading a secretive private life, there are no other reports of Panjabi's past affairs. Looking at her marriage over the two decades looks like she is a one-man woman and luckily found her soulmate in her husband. 

Archie Panjabi's Controversy

If you are a fan of the political drama television series The Good Wife and its lead actress Archie Panjabi, you have definitely heard the controversy related to the star.

In the series, Panjabi portrayed the role of an investigator Kalinda Sharma. Sharma slept with the husband of her best friend Alicia Florrick played by Julianna Margulies. After the incident, former best friends Sharma and Florrick shared bad blood and rarely talked to one another.

The feud between the two leading ladies grew so much that everyone started speculating about the bad blood between them even on off-screen. Things became quite obvious about the two actresses' relationship when it was announced that Panjabi won't be a part of the show after the sixth season.  

Following the news, fans speculated that it was all because of conflicts between the Panjabi and Margulies. However, the makers denied the rumor and clarified saying it was the original plot rather than the actresses' relationship.

At the finale of the sixth season, Panjabi and Margulies came across to say goodbye. But according to a report, the scene was edited one and shot on the green screen using body doubles. 

After leaving the show, Panjabi hinted at the 'not so good environment on the set. Other than that she left her departure full of suspicion but she twitted,



The tweet reads she was in New York City when they shot the last scene of the show. She Tweeted to clarify because Margulies said in an interview that Punjabi was out of the city to film the scene.   

Archie Panjabi: Quick Facts

  • She was born on 31st May 1972 in Edgware, London, England.
  • Her parents are Govind Panjabi and Padma Panjabi. Both of her family immigrated from India. 
  • Her star sign is Gemini. 
  • She stands at 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m).
  • She attended Brunel University and graduated in 1996 with a degree in management studies. 
  • The actress is better known for her work in a legal ad political drama series The Good Wife.
  • She has an impressive net worth of $3 million.