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AnEsonGib, born Ali Loui Al-Fakhri, is a Saudi-born English YouTuber and Internet personality. He lost to YouTuber Jake Paul in his debut professional boxing match in late 2019.      

How Old Is AnEsonGib? What Is His Height? 

AnEsonGib was born Ali Loui Al-Fakhri on July 4, 1996, in Saudi Arabia. He is 24 years old at the time of this writing and is billed at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.67 meters). 

His family moved to England and he has since resided in London. 

What Is AnEsonGib Famous For?

YouTube Career

Ali adopted the nickname "AnEsonGib", which is "Big Nose Na" spelled backward, and joined YouTube in August 2012. He is most known for his gameplay of the soccer video game, FIFA. Since that time, the channel AnEsonGib has over 2.17 million subscribers and 258.3 million lifetime video views.  

AnEsonGib is a FIFA gamer SOURCE: YouTube

His popularity skyrocketed when he played FIFA 14 wagers against fellow YouTubers Olajide "KSI" Olayinka Williams Olatunji Jr. and Harry "W2S" Lewis. He has since been a frequent collaborator of Harry as well as the "Sidemen" group of English YouTubers.  

Boxing Career

AnEsonGib made his boxing debut against his YouTuber friend MaxPlaysFifa in the undercard of KSI vs Joe Weller. He won by knockout in the second round. He defeated YouTuber Jay Swingler in his second match at the undercard for Logan Paul vs KSI. 

AnEsonGib vs Jake Paul SOURCE: uSports

He faced his first defeat in his professional boxing debut against Jake Paul in Miami, Florida, on January 30, 2020. 

Is AnEsonGib On Instagram?

Besides YouTube, AnEsonGib is active on major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, he has 614.9K followers and on Instagram, he has 712.4K followers.    

How Much Is AnEsonGib Worth in 2021? 

Some sources report that AnEsonGib has a net worth of around $2 million as of March 2021. Most known as a YouTuber, the 24-year-old joined YouTube in August 2012 as a FIFA gamer. To date, he has ama s sed over 2.17 million subscribers with his videos being watched over 258.3 million times.

According to YouTube earnings-calculator site, AnEsonGib earns an estimated $77 - $1.2K per month ($928 - $14.9K per year). 

by shrijan, 24 Mar, 2021

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