Mexico FIFA World Cup 2014

In the History of the World cup, Group of the Mexican Players were expected to struggle and follow the route of Brazil by their fans. The Mexico national football team features Mexico in Association Football and is controlled and governed by the Mexican Federation of Association Football in short FMF. The home stadium of Mexico is the Estadio Azteca. The team is ranked in the nineteenth position in the FIFA World Rankings. Mexico is considered as one of the nations among the seven who is able to hold at least two out of the three most esteemed and illustrious international football tournaments namely FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, and Summer Olympics along with the winning of 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup and accompanied by the Gold Medal at the2012 Summer Olympics. The Qualifier of the Mexican is done by the head Coach Miguel Herrera. Mexico is classically one of the most accomplished national team in the CONCACAF region. They have officially able to win a FIFA recognized title. They played their very first match against Guatemala where the Mexican team was able to win scoring 3–2.

 The achievements made by the Mexican team is yet valuable to be highlighted. The struggle to get into the soccer world cup 2014 with the team Brazil is not an easy task for the Mexican Players. Though they have got the secured ticket to Brazil yet they need to build a stable and strong base.They  Started playing soccer with the keen interest and in a systematic way. The former stars of the Mexican are Antonio Carbajal, Hugo Sanchez, Jorge Campos, Cuauhtemoc Blanco. The official head body of the sport of soccer in Mexico was founded on 9th of August in 1927. The Mexican national team uses a tricolor arrangement which is made of the colors Green, White and Red. The team has three colors which reflect the national flag of Mexico which is known as the tricolor.

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List of Football Player of Mexico FIFA World Cup 2014