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Yale Grobglas is an Israeli actress/ model who was born in Paris, France. Her parents who were from different countries were in a relationship, and she was the couple’s only child. Her father was French while her mother was Austrian.

Grobglas lived in France till she was 3, and then her family settled down in Israel. Yale had already developed a taste in acting and it could be seen in her, although she was very young at that time. Since her mother was also an artist who painted and acted, she was inspired at home from a young age. She spent most of her time with her parents and was loved much by them. As she didn’t have any siblings as well, and her father worked in his shop all day, she spent sufficient time and was loved very much. She was born and raised as a Muslim, but also goes to church and thinks of herself as religiously independent. She is an Israeli by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

She attended a local school in Israel about which not much is known. There, she used to put on different types of clothes and makeups which made her look more beautiful that her friends. Her change in hair styles and colors was also a sign of the desire of her to have a glamorous lifestyle.  Her parents agreed to her plan of taking part in some beauty contests and she applied for some modeling agencies, before her graduation from high school. She landed some roles in ads and soon started to get acting lessons and joined cla s ses, as she wanted to become an actress now. With her involvement, she landed a role in Israeli sci-fi TV drama Ha'Yi, and she was casted in its two seasons. She also did commercials side by side and gained much popularity by the time she was not even 20 years old.

With her growing fame, she also did some films like Rabies and some more TV shows like Ha-Shualim and Tanuchi. Then she moved to United States where she played the role of a singer in CW’s The Selection. She was also the casting crew in CW’s Reign and recently played as Petra in the series Jane the Virgin. Regarding that role, she said to the New York Times in an interview "I’m usually cast for the goofier and tomboyish characters... I’m having a wonderful time playing someone so complex and layered and funny."

Although she has earned noticeable fame and popularity and has established herself as a versatile actress, there is still much unknown about her to the media. From 2017-18, the actress played the role in the series Supergirl along with Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, and Jeremy Jordan.

Yael Grobglas' Personal Life And Relationship 

Yael Grobglas is not married yet and has been in a relationship with Israeli businessman Artem Kroupenev. The couple has been together since their school days. It's been over one decade that the couple yet to be married but sharing the strong bond of love. 

Grobglas doesn’t seem to discuss her private life with the tabloids and you can read some more about her biography that is available in IMDB as well as Wikipedia.

by sanjeet, 14 Mar, 2015

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