Xherdan Shaqiri

Inside Biography

Xherdan Shaqiri a professional Swiss footballer, currently plays as a winger for Premier League club, Chelsea, and the Swiss National Football Team. He has earned over 70 caps for Switzerland since his full international debut in 2010. He joined Chelsea in 2018.

He made his career debut from FC Basel and has won three Swiss Super League titles. He has played for other clubs such as Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, and Stoke City, before joining Chelsea. He represented the nation at 2010, 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups, as well as UEFA Euro 2016.

Early Life And Education Of Xherdan Shaqiri

He was born in the year 1991 October 10 at Gnjilane, Serbia. His parents had moved to Switzerland when he was very young along with his other three Siblings. He has dual citizenship, one Swiss and one Albanian. He got the Swiss citizenship via naturalization.

He is 22 years old and cherishes the height of 169 cm and has the body weight of 72 Kg. He is a Librarian. He is given the nickname of Shaq. He attended Technical High School. He is still single. He loves to be around family and friends and loves to play table tennis and travel besides playing football.

Xherdan Shaqiri's Career

Shaqiri started his youth career joining at SV Augst in 1999. Spending two years in SV, he joined to FC Basel in 2001. He played in under-15 Nike Cup 2007 from the club and chosen as the best player of the tournament. He had grabbed the attention of many clubs and been eager to sign him in. But he decides to remain with Basel and made his debut in 2007 from the clubs under 21 team.

He appeared in 19 matches bagging 8 goals from the club. Spending 2 seasons at under 21 teams of Basel, he was promoted to the first team of FC Basel in 2009. He appeared in 92 matches from this team with 18 goal scores. Later in 2012, he was transferred to Bayern Munich. He is in the team since 2012.

Shaqiri is in the first team of Swiss National Football Team since 2010. He has played in 30 cap matches bagging 8 prominent goals for the team. He was playing for Switzerland since 2007 being in the under 17 national team.

Xherdan Shaqiri's Net Worth

Xherdan Shaqiri's net worth is $12 million at present. He earns an annual salary of $4 million from his successful playing career. He won the Swiss Golden Player awards in 2012, for SFAP Golden Player and Best Young Player. His current market value is $20.8 million.

He has the experience of playing in under -18, 19 and 20 Teams of Switzerland. According to the salary statistics of 2012, his Salary is reported to be 2.6 million US Dollars. The agent for this player is IFM.

Xherdan Shaqiri's Personal Life

He loves his mama’s cooking. Coca-cola and Sprite is his favorite liquor. He is a Muslim by faith but also celebrates Christmas.

Shaqiri is a talented player who plays from the position of Middlefield-Right wing. Besides, he can play well from the left wing and as an attacking midfielder. He has received several honors due to his excellent performance and talent in the pitch. Shaqiri has a very good grip on the ball. He can dribble the ball very well.

He has got good pa s sing and shooting skills. This young player is full of energy and stamina keeping his pace in the game and durable in the pitch. He has got a good vision in the match. He is good in tackles as well but does not like to dive for tackles. His height is small so is seen a problem in going for headers.

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