Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Is Happy Despite Being Paid Very Low. Know How Much the Movie Made

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 28 Jun,2017 Updated on 18 Aug,2017

Gal Gadot the wonder woman flick girl is happy with her relatively paltry paycheck.

She is the face of wonder woman has made the flick a monstrous successful.

source: comic book movies

The powerful performance by gal has made many fans fall in love. Where all is praising for her tremendous portrayal of wonder woman she is still not being paid for her roles in movies.

 On Tuesday at Bev Hill, TMZ reportedly got in a conversation with the wonder woman and her hubby. They talked about shields, costumes, swords and some truth were revealed.

source: USAToday

 According to the news by TMZ, she snagged $300k for the move which made grossed a whopping $600,000,00 and the count is on. Well, that’s quite very less for Gal.

 Tmz also reported Gadot’s representatives will go for renegotiation for the new installment of wonder woman series.  Well, this has to be done before the wonder woman leaves the franchise.