Who is Samantha Mathis Currently Dating? Is she Single or Married? Her Affairs and Dating History Here

News by Saburo Published on 25 Aug,2017 Updated on 25 Aug,2017

The American actress Samantha Mathis is currently busy with her multiple upcoming projects. One of her comedy movies You Can Choose Your Family starring Anna Gunn, Samantha Mathis, Alex Karpovsky, and Logan Miller is in its post-production phase. 

Despite her busy schedule, has the actress manage to spare time for her boyfriend? Is she dating anyone? Who is her boyfriend? We have all answers here.

Who is Samantha Mathis Dating Currently? Is she Single or Married?

The daughter of actress Bibi Besch, Samantha Mathis who debut in the industry from the movie Pump Up the Volume in 1990 has scored a lot of popularity. The forty-seven-year-old actress is in limelight a lot due to link up rumors and affairs.

Samantha Mathis, however, hasn't recently confirmed anyone as her boyfriend or husband, even though she does have quite a long relationship history which we'll discuss later.  We can assume that she is possibly single. 

Samantha Mathis

Samantha Mathis 


There are speculations that Mathis is dating a guy named Sky Shepard since she once mentioned his name on her tweet in 2014. But there no further details about their relationship and whether they are still together.

This actress is currently busy in her tight schedules. She is working in movies like Boarding School, Clovehitch, Ray Meets Helen and You Can Choose Your Family. Well, observing the long list of her projects we can assume that she is super busy to engage herself in love affairs. 

 Samantha Mathis' Relationship History

Samantha Mathis has a long list of boyfriends. As per source, her first-ever boyfriend was the American actor and producer, Christian Slater. Mathis first met her then-boyfriend on the sets of movie Pump Up the Volume in 1990. 

Samantha Mathis and  Christian Slater

 Samantha Mathis and Christian Slater


Mathis and Slater were spotted kissing several times but Mathis denied their relationship and once she even said that kissing Slater was like kissing her brother. 

After Slater, she was in a relationship with standup comedian John Leguizamo. They started dating in 1991. The duo, however, broke up after a year of dating in August 1992.

Samantha Mathis and John Leguizamo

Samantha Mathis and John Leguizamo

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Mathis then started dating the American actor and singer River PhonixMathis and Phonix had their first encounter on the sets of the movie The Things Called Love in 1993. The bonding between the pair was quite strong but unfortunately, their relationship ended with the death of Phonix in October 1993 due to "Congestive Heart Failure" 

River Phonix and Samantha Mathis

River Phonix and Samantha Mathis


After Phonix, she dated actor Christian Bale in 1994. Then she shortly dated Noah Wyle in 1995. Another on her list of boyfriends is Adam Duritz, they dated in 2005. Mathis also dated American actor Colin Hanks in 2009.

Samantha Mathis Quick Facts

  • Mathis was born May 12, 1970in Brooklyn, New York.
  • She was the daughter of Donald Mathis and Bibi Besch who got divorced when she was only two.
  • She decided to become an actress when she was twelve.
  • She has a half-brother and a half-sister.
  • She started her professional career as an actress at the age of 16.
  • She started a career from a commercial, Slender Pads – Just For Teens.
  • She debuted with the movie in Pump Up the Volume in 1990.
  • Her most popular films include The American President, Broken Arrow, American Psycho, The Punisher,  Atlas Shrugged: Part II and much more.