When John Cena is going to make Nikki Bella as wife

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John Felix Anthony Cena, popularly known as John Cena, is a popular rapper and professionally a wrestler. He is getting married Nikki Bella, a popular American wrestler. The couple was dating for a long time and finally decided to get married soon with their mutual understanding.

Is Nikki Bella getting Married to John Cena?

As soon as John made an idea to get married to Nikki Bella, she was extremely excited and happy after John’s decision. According to the sources, Nikki is happy to get the ring from John and is within the superb idea of John.

John Cena is going to get married soon with Nikki Bella. Yet, they haven’t disclosed the exact date for their marriage. He states it will be declared soon, within his fans. Nikki Bella claims that the date with John Cena was her best date ever in her life. She is extremely happy after having the decision of John for their marriage.

The couple is happy with their strong relationship and planning to move further. John states, he was previously planning for Nikki to make her as his wife yet, was waiting for a perfect time. Right after the separation from his Ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, he started dating Nikki.

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They are further planning for their future and also to live their professional life balancing together with success. One of the attractive appearances of John according to Nikki is his, amazing smile that kills her inside.

John within their very first date picks Nikki up on her hotel and drops to a nice steakhouse. Nikki was attracted with John from the very first time and further states,

 I am so happy to have John as my husband with whom I will be spending the rest of my life happily ever after. 

The couple got separated in May, with their mutual understanding. Immediately when John stated for a divorce with Elizabeth, she was blindsided, later the couple came across the decision because of their clashes in interests.

Nikki Bella and John Cena's Relationship

Nikki further stated we date every night where we make a perfect combination with our usual dress code. John keeps himself with a perfect suit and I with a stylish- sexy dress for the date continue with dinner. You may be interested to know five unheard facts about Cena, watch below the video. 

Nikki still remembers the very first day when she met John. The first question John asked her was will you go to dinner with me? She was super excited with her amazing face replied, who? Really! With me?

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Later with her positive reaction with red face approved his proposal and started dating each other. John further states Nikki's charm attracted him towards her. Her positive attitude influenced him more closely to her and finally decided her to make his wife.

Nikki still remembers her first date where they had a long conversation for an hour and continued for a long time with lots of gossips, she even didn’t want to get separated. John further states he Nikki was looking absolutely beautiful with her attractive dress. His face was like. Wow.


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