Wanya Morris, who is married for 14 years, is eliminated from ''Dancing with the Stars''

News by Bartle Published on 22 May,2016 Updated on 22 May,2016

Dancing with the star has always been one of the most loved reality TV shows. If you love to dance and are crazy about your celebrity then Dancing with the star is the show for you. This season of the show is more entertaining and more dazzling compared to the past ones but the elimination of the popular singer Wanya Morris has certainly become the talk of the season.

On the off chance that you had asked anybody before, in the season, who might make it to the Dancing With the Stars finals, probably Wanya Morris would have been on that rundown. Backtracking to week one, he alongside Nyle DiMarco was the challenger with the most natural dancing ability. He had natural dancing technic, moves and a lot of talent to explore. However, he got eliminated along with the partner Lindsay Arnold.

Taking about his personal life, he is an American R&B singer grew up in Richard Allen neighborhood of Philadelphia who is best known for the member of R&B group. Wanya Morris first rose to popularity as a member of the R&B group Boyz II Men, which would go ahead to end up the smash hit R&B gathering ever with an astonishing 64 million collections sold, when he was only a secondary school understudy at the Philadelphia School of Creative and Performing Arts.

Currently, he is located in New Jersey with his children and wife after he got married to designer Traci ‘Toi’ Nash. The popular singer with the net worth of $60 million dollars is a happy family with his wife and kids. Currently, there is a rumor that he might be having another kid but there is no confirmation for this news.

Now, the show will not be similar after the elimination of the most loved contestant. Fans are heartbroken with the result. They are showing aggression towards the show as well as the channel.  Fans are blaming the show for not being fair. Considering Wanya's performance all through the season have been almost immaculate, and he got two impeccable scores for his routine on May 16. That is truly noteworthy, however not sufficiently great to get him to the finals, evidently. Fans are not buying it, and they were glad to tweet out their assessments to the world.