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Renowned for her role as a movie set designer, Victoria Spader gained additional recognition due to her association with the acclaimed American actor and producer, James Spader. 

While her professional expertise lies in movie set design, Vistoria's personal life has often been in the public eye due to her past marriage to the Massachusetts-born actor. To know more about Victoria's early life, educational background,  career, etc, continue reading the article below.

Kheel's Early Life And Educational Background

Victoria Elizabeth Kheel aka Victoria Spader was born in Rochester, New York City on June 1, 1959. Her parents, Lee Kheel and Julian Kheel were already part of the film industry. Her mother used to be an actress and her father worked as a sound tracker. 

Being surrounded by the world of entertainment since her childhood, Elizabeth had an experience of it. During her years she grew up in her hometown. Received her education from a university nearby.

Elizabeth's Married Life

At around sixty-five and now no longer married, Victoria Spader, previously known as Victoria Kheel, had a phase in her life as the wife of actor James Spader. Their story began in the 1980s when they first met on the set of "Sex, Lies and Videotape " where Victoria worked as a set designer and yoga instructor. 

Victoria Spader with her ex-husband James Spader in the picture. Victoria Elizabeth Kheel was previously married to James Spader.
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They kept their period private and eventually decided to get married. After being together for over ten years, James and Elizabeth said their vows in 1987 creating a marriage that lasted for seventeen years. However, things took a turn in April 2003 when James filed for divorce at The Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The specific reasons behind their separation haven't been disclosed. Some sources speculate that the demands of their careers might have played a part. Despite facing challenges along their journey they managed to end their marriage signifying the conclusion of a chapter, in both their personal lives and professional endeavors.

Life Of Spader Couple After Their Divorce

Despite experiencing numerous challenges in life, the 63-year-old former spouse of the Satellite Award winner has found comfort and settled into a peaceful life with her sons in Australia, distancing herself from her past relationships and media attention.

On the other hand, James has continued his acting career and is now married to his rumored girlfriend, Leslie Stefanson. While rumors were suggesting that James' involvement with Leslie played a role in his previous divorce, these speculations remained unconfirmed. Currently, James and Leslie share a son named Nathaneal.

Children Of Victoria And Her Ex-Husband James

Victoria and James a couple, for seventeen years were blessed with two sons named Sebastian and Elijah Spader. The Spader family grew when Sebastian was born in 1989 followed by the arrival of their son Elijah in 1992.

James with his son , Sebastian in the picture. Sebastian is the son of James Spader and Victoria Spader.
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Forward to the present, both sons have chosen to follow in their father's footsteps and pursue careers in the film industry. At the age of 29, Elijah found his passion, in production using his skills to contribute to creations.

Victoria with her son, Sebastian in the picture. Sebastian is the son of James Spader and Victoria Spader.
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Meanwhile, Sebastian, who is now 32 years old has taken on roles in the industry as a producer, writer, and director. It appears that the Spader legacy continues to unfold as the next generation leaves its mark on the world of film.

Professional Journey Of The Movie Set Designer

Victoria's family's ties, to the film industry, led her to consider pursuing a career in acting. However, Kheel's professional journey took a turn after completing her education steering towards exploring opportunities in set design and the arts.

As the spouse of a Prime Time Emmy Award winner, Elizabeth discovered her talent. Excelled in roles such as Art Department Manager and Set Decorator for notable films like "Sex, Lies and Videotape" (1989) and "Jack Back" (1988).

Despite aiming for an acting career she found her niche behind the scenes where she made contributions to filmmaking through set design and art direction. This shift demonstrated her adaptability. Unwavering commitment to the process allowed her to leave an impactful mark, on the movie industry from a different vantage point.

Elizabeth's Net Worth

Victoria has an estimated worth of around $2 million. Victoria has accumulated her wealth by working as a set designer in the film industry. One notable success she contributed to was the film "Sex, Lies and Videotape " which earned $36.7 million at the box office. 

On the other hand, Victoria's ex-husband James Spader has a net worth of $20 million. James has built his wealth over a four-decade acting career making significant contributions to both film and television.

James is particularly well known for his role as Raymond "Red" Reddington in the TV show "The Blacklist," where he earns a salary of $300 thousand, per episode. Some other notable projects he has been a part of include "Crash" (1996) "Secretary" (2002) Steven Spielberg "Lincoln" (2012) and the TV series "Boston Legal" (2004–2008).

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