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Elijah Spader, the son of the famous Hollywood actor James Spader. James is a popular actor and producer known for his performances in popular TV shows like The Blacklist, The Practice, Boston Legal, and The Office. 

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Spader's Early Life And Educational Background

Elijah was born in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of the renowned actor and producer James Spader and Victoria Kheel. The former actor has an elder brother named Sebastian Spader and a half-brother named Nathaneal Spader.

Elijah pursued his education at the Los Angeles Film School, focusing on Audio Production. He has excelled in different fields and is enjoying success in his career. Notably, Spader's maternal grandmother, Lee Kheel, was an actress, and he boasts a diverse heritage, encompassing Scottish, German, and Swiss-German roots from his father's side.

Elijah's Relationship With Samantha Ladenheim 

Elijah and Samantha have been together romantically since November 2017, marking the start of their loving journey. Since then, they have maintained a joyful relationship. In November 2018 the couple celebrated their anniversary at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Elijah and Samantha enjoying travelling in the picture. Elijah and Samantha have been together romantically since November 2017.
SOURCE: Instagram

Their shared love, for travel has led them to explore destinations across the globe. In December 2019, they had an adventure exploring the archaeological site of Moray in Peru. They have also enjoyed visiting places like the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, in Arizona the iconic Sydney Opera House, Disneyland, and many other exciting locations.

Samantha and Elijah enjoying their vacation in thepicture. Their shared love, for travel has led them to explore destinations across the globe.
SOURCE: Instagram

Before his relationship with Ladenheim, Elijah Spader was romantically involved with Hilary Powell. They commenced their dating journey in 2016 and marked Elijah's 24th birthday with celebrations at Disneyland that year.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn't endure, leading to their separation in early 2017. Although Samantha and Elijah deeply care for each other and share a bond they haven't yet decided to take their relationship to the level through marriage.

Spader's  Interest And Career

Residing in Los Angeles, California, Elijah enjoys traveling. Some of the places, Spader has explored, include Peru, Arizona, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and even the Sydney Opera House.

Elijah with his girtlfriend samantha inb the picture. Elijah enjoys traveling.
SOURCE: Instagram

Since 2019, Elijah has been working at Sony Pictures Entertainment, in Los Angeles as a tech specializing in Audio Post Production. His role involves the mixing and editing of audio for film and TV projects. 

Elijah has lent his expertise to TV shows, including the regarded series "The Blacklist." He has also made on-screen appearances in shows like "Nailed It" and "Roll for Initiative." Spader'swork as a designer and re-recording mixer for "At Night Comes Wolves" demonstrates his versatility, in the field.

Celebrity Son's Net Worth

Spader has made contributions, to TV shows and movies. He has also displayed his talents alongside singer Madison Taylor. Through his work, he has managed to accumulate a net worth of $1 million. In contrast, Elijah's father is the Hollywood veteran James Spader.

With a career spanning over four decades in the film industry, James has achieved success and talent. His net worth is estimated to be $30 million. He has been involved in projects, including lending his voice to the Ultron, in Avengers; Age of Ultron. This family undeniably commands attention and excels in the entertainment industry!

Social Media Presence Of Elijah 

The internet sensation known as Spader has become a star, in the world of media! Since 2017, he has been actively sharing his life on Instagram under the @elijahspader attracting over 1.6 thousand followers. Elijah's Instagram feed is filled with a mix of travel experiences, captivating performances, and sneak peeks into his journey in the entertainment industry. Moreover, followers get a glimpse into his life as he shares moments with family and friends.

Apart from his presence Spader's Instagram also showcases a passionate love story. He frequently posts pictures with his girlfriend, Ladenheim, whom he has been in a relationship with since 2017. Their travels to destinations, like Australia and Peru are prominently featured, evoking envy among followers for their adventures.

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by Joseph, 12 Jan, 2024

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