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Lee Kheel is recognized as an American actress acclaimed for her roles in productions such as Jersey Guy and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Lee is also Sebastian Spader's maternal grandmother and is also known as Victoria Spader's mother.

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Kheel's Early Life And Educational Background

Born on October 24, 1918, in Springfield, United States, Lee Kheel's early life and educational background hold an air of mystery as details about her parents, early childhood, and education remain undisclosed to the public. Embracing her Scorpio birth sign, Kheel claimed American nationality.

Despite the shroud covering Kheel's formative years, she emerged as a talented actress, making her mark in the entertainment industry. The journey from her enigmatic beginnings to a celebrated career showcases the resilience and passion that defined Lee Kheel's life, leaving an indelible legacy in the realm of American cinema and theater.

Lee's Marriage and Personal Life

Kheel's love life was kept private mainly centered around her marriage, to Julian Kheel. Despite her career, the details of their moments shared vacations, and personal anecdotes were shielded from public view. Lee and Julian Kheel built a life together navigating the ups and downs of life from prying eyes.

Their union though not extensively documented served as a foundation for Lee Kheels's journey providing companionship and support. The fact that there is no gossip about the couple's romance speaks volumes about their commitment to keeping their connection private and cherished throughout their shared experiences.

Former Acress's Children

Lee and Julian Kheel were blessed with five children, including Richard, Thomas, Wendy, Claudia, and Victoria. While there isn't publicly known about the professions or marriages of Richard, Thomas, Wendy, and Claudia.

Victoria Elizabeth Kheel (professionally known as Victoria Spader) has found recognition in Hollywood. Born on June 1st, 1959 in Rochester, New York City. Victoria has made a name for herself as both an actress and a set decorator in 19s movies. It is worth noting that she was previously married to the known Hollywood actor James Spader, which adds an element, to the diverse accomplishments of the family.

More About Lee's Popular Child Victoria

Victoria Spader, also known professionally as Victoria Elizabeth Kheel has had a successful career, in the entertainment industry. She was born on June 1 1959 in Rochester, New York City to Lee Kheel and Julian Kheel. Throughout the 1980s, she made a name for herself in Hollywood as both an actress and a set decorator.

Lee Kheel with her ex husband, James Spader in the picture. Victoria Kheel was previously married to James Spader.
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While she took a path from her ex-husband James Spader, Victoria gained recognition for her contributions to set design. As of 2022, she is estimated to have a worth of $2.5 million. Has enjoyed a thriving and varied professional journey.

During her 18-year marriage to James Spader (which ended in 2004), they had two sons; Sebastian, who is now involved in directing and producing movies; and Elijah, who works in the sound department. Currently residing in Australia Victoria values her privacy while James Spader continues his acting career. He is now married to Leslie Stefanson.

Kheel's Career

Throughout her career, Lee has showcased her talent and versatility in the world of theater through a range of stage appearances. Notable credits include her performance, in "If Walls Could Talk" at the Manhattan Punchline Theatre in New York City, where she truly demonstrated her acting prowess.

lee portrayed the character of Mrs. McIlhenny in "The Time of the Cuckoo" at the Equity Library Theatre. Brought Mrs. Levett to life in "Solomons Fish" at the Strategy Theatre both located in New York City.

Kheel expanded her stage repertoire by portraying Pearl in "Lady of Means" at Troupe Theatre and Myrtle in "The Laboratory" at Cubiculo Theatre both situated within New York City. Her talent also extended to playing Agnes in "Brainwashed" as part of the Equity Library Theatre Informal Series held at Lincoln Center as taking on the role of Grandmere in "Tartuffe" at Theatre East located in Rochester, NY.

Furthermore, she made a contribution to "A Christmas Carol " performed at Stage Arena, in Buffalo, NY. This exemplifies her dedication to enriching the arts across platforms and locations.

Celebrity Mother's Net Worth

According to information Lee Kheel is believed to have amassed a worth of $7 million. Her wealth can likely be attributed to her acting career that encompassed performances, on both Broadway and film productions.

However, it is important to mention that assessments of value can vary and might be influenced by factors, like investments, real estate, and other financial information that may not be fully disclosed.

Lee's Passing Away

Lee Kheel, a figure in cinema and theater sadly passed away on August 6 2009 in the United States at the age of 90. Her departure marked the end of a life. Left behind a lasting legacy of contributions, to the arts.

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