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Natalya Ulyanina, popular as Uma Kompton is a vocalist, who came to public attention as a look-alike of American media identity Kylie Jenner. She released her first song collection The Trial Of Uma Kompton, which was a success with hit singles like Down by the waterway and Be Like Me. As a matter of fact, she wound up famous from her Troll account Uma Kompton, which created controversy with different online sources a s serting it as phony. All things considered, Uma Kompton was one of the Internet's most well-known trolls before Twitter shut her down, removing her stage. Here's everything you have to think about Uma Kompton.

Early Life and Education of Uma Kompton

Born Natalya Ulyanina in 1988, in Russia, she shares the birth sign Aries and holds a Russian nationality having a place with Caucasian ethnic background. She grew up with her family, developing with her folks spending most of her childhood days in her hometown.

Concerning instruction, well the artist and lyricist, has shared many subtleties but, she has not shared much about her youth days.

Uma Kompton's Net Worth, Salary, Career

Natalya Ulyanina has been active in the music field for a long time. As a vocalist, she has released two singles with her first collection titled The Trial Of Uma Kompton, in 2016. The album was a success with hit singles like “Down by the waterway” and “Be Like Me”.

In her career, the Russian lady was featured in RiceGum's video titled "This Girl Must Be Stopped!!!". Other than that, she has not been active in any of the fields.

Natalya Ulyanina, as of May 2019, possesses the net worth of around $100 thousand. Though the singer has not revealed her actual earning, it could be around five digits figure.

Well, she had a brief singing career but might have earned from social media, as it earned 50 thousand followers at that time.

She is active on Instagram as well, with over 39 thousand followers, as of May 2019. Her estimated earning per post is $205.5-$342.5, according to Influencermarketinghub.

Uma Kompton's Personal Life, Marriage, Controversies

Natalya Ulyanina is a married woman. She tied the knot with Evgeny Ulyanina who is also her cousin. The pair had a private wedding ceremony.

Apart from that, she has shared very fewer things regarding her personal life and managed to keep her personal life low profile.

Uma Kompton, The Internet Troll

Ulyanina created controversy from her Troll account Uma Kompton, active on Twitter. Well, she posted hostile comments, frequently fringe and outrageous, just as beginning squabbles in online discourses. It increased the gigantic prevalence and a great part of the media consideration, earning a sum of more than 50,000 followers before it was closed down.

Most of Uma's remarks and post spun around different obscenities; her cases that she is a Kylie Jenner resemble the other alike affronted a significant huge number of individuals, while her nom de plume Abortion Clinic Queen captivated online squabbles.

What is the truth about Uma Kompton?

Indeed, Uma Kompton was a made-up name, relegated to photos of a real individual named Natalya Ulyanina, a character stolen from the Russian form of Facebook – social media network VK – and afterward utilized in making various phony profiles on other social networking sites, primarily Twitter, so as to play tricks, upset and offend other individuals.

The genuine casualty of this entire scam and masquerade was a Russian lady Natalya Ulyanina and her husband Evgeny. Because of Uma working in the States, while the Ulyanina family is settled in Russia, Natalya and her spouse were totally unaware of Uma Kompton.

They, in the end, got some answers concerning this entire endeavor after individuals started drawing nearer Natalya to discover a portion of Uma's sincere beliefs.

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