Tomi Lahren Back To Help Trump Through Pro-Trump Super PAC

News by Arya Pokhrel Published on 19 Jul,2017 Updated on 19 Jul,2017

After getting dismissed by “The Blaze” in March, the conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is officially back in her third ad produced by Great American Alliance, a pro-Trump super PAC turned advocacy organization. 

The ex-tv host is calling out the winners from the left on the ad yet again.

tomi lahren

Tomi Lahren Hosting

In the video, Lahren starts by saying that, “President Trump is working hard to get things done in Washington across-the-board tax cuts creating more American jobs, healthcare that’s actually affordable, protecting America and building the wall.”

She adds, “Actually, we should note that tax reform is stalled since the GOP’s health care bill tanked and ‘the wall’ is experiencing some significant delays.”


“The D.C. swamp is doing all it can to drag him down, it’s time to stand with Donald Trump once again and tell Washington loud and clear, no more whining, no more delays, just get it done,” She continues.


tomi lahren trump


Tomi Lahren


The video ad ends with a plug for the website, which leads to the same video with a summary of the video with a large photo of Lahren, and a sign-up page asking for names, emails, and zip codes.