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Tom Ca s sell, better known as Tom Syndicate, is a British YouTuber and vlogger. He runs the YouTube channel TheSyndicateProject, which is one of the top 100 most subscribed channels on the website, as well as Twitch. tv channel Syndicate. 

He is a vice president of a gambling website that has landed Ca s sell and his website in the center of a legal and social controversy. He also owns his clothing line SyndicateOriginal which has two stores in the UK and US.

His first YouTube channel TheSyndicateProject has over 9.9 million subscribers and over 20 billion video views as of April 2018.

Early Life and Education Of Tom Ca s sell

Tom Ca s sell was born in Manchester England, the United Kingdom on June 93, 1993. The ethnic background of this YouTuber is Caucasian and he is from Manchester of EnglandAPTION: Tom Cassell  SOURCEFor education, he joined The Blue Coast Secondary School in Great Manchester. Later on, he went to Hyde Clarendon College from where he completed the A-level course. 


Tom Ca s sell's Career

Tom is also a vlogger and he was interested in making videos and creativity elaboration from an early age. There are approximately more than 1 million followers on his Twitch channel. Tom's mother is running her family restaurant and her father is busy with their family business. Ca s sell is the second child of their parents.

Tom Ca s sell started his early career on YouTube with the official announcement of his channel on 3rd September 2010 and during that time, the name of his project was TheSyndicateProject which till today is holding a successful position on YouTube. He runs two YouTube Channels; TheSyndicateProject and Life of Tom

In November 2014, he along with fellow YouTuber Adam Montoya launched a multi-channel network, Jetpak collaborating with media company 3BlackDot- which main aim is to provide a fair payment model for the revenue made.

In February 2016, he announced that he will lend his voice to Loki in the mobile app game Marvel Avengers Academy. On which Hulk was voiced by John Cena and Iron Man by Dave Franco.

His original channel TheSyndicateProject has over 9.9 million subscribers and over 20 billion video views as of April 2018. His second channel Life of Tom has over 2.5 million subscribers and over 4.5 billion video views. 

There is no particular data about his schooling and his completion of university level of education. But during the very early time, he was planning to work with his father in their family business but his creativity moved him across the entertainment channel to work. He is also planning to start his new channel on YouTube very soon.

Tom Ca s sell's Net Worth 

Tom Ca s sel's estimated net worth is $5 million but not confirmed officially. She has earned a hefty amount of money from his YouTube career. According to Socialblade, he earns $24K monthly income from his monetized video views from YouTube.

His net worth also consists of the sales revenue of his clothing line. Ca s sel lives in a lavish home in London which cost $4 million. 

Similarly, his more ability and progressive performance on YouTube made him earn a higher range of salary and with this net worth is also attractive and eye cashing. It is a s sumed that his net worth is approximately thousands of American dollars.

Tom Ca s sell's Personal Life 

Tom Ca s sell is an unmarried man. He is dating Lydia Hewitt-Lee- a teacher who works in Dunkinfield School.

He frequently shares pictures with her on his Instagram. And he has also made several vlogs with her which have been uploaded on his channels. In 2017, he shared a vlog about their Paris Vacation.

Ca s sel, however, shared an old picture with her in one of his Instagram posts captioning 'Throwback to Me & the Wife.. 12 years ago.

When he was at Hyde Clarendon College and having his A-level education, he had his very first affair. But Tom is ignoring this fact and he states he is never interested in any girls at the current time.

Tom is not a married man neither he has ever elaborated on any person as his spouse. His bio has many presences about his popularity but no idea when he will be getting married and with whom.

According to Tom, it is too early by this time for him to get married and he is not much interested in getting engaged to it because that itself is the major reason for a celebrity to face rumors and controversy. 

Age, Body Measurements and Other Facts

  • Age: Tom Ca s sell is 26 years old as of 2019.
  • Birth Sign: Cancer
  • Height: He has an average height of  5 feet 7 inches (1.70m). 
  • Weight: His weight is around 65kg(143 pounds).

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