Three Years Long Tinder Couple Meet For The First Time on Good Morning America

News by Arya Pokhrel Published on 26 Jul,2017 Updated on 27 Jul,2017

Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, Two Kent State University students who started dating on Tinder three years ago, met each other for the first time on Tuesday on the show Good Morning America.

The two had never seen or met each other before, despite first striking up a conversation in 2014 and their story becoming a viral sensation two weeks ago.

tinder couple

Their 21st century-courtship went internet viral when Josh shared screen shots of the sarcastic chats the couple did, tweeting "one day I'm going to meet this girl." After years of procrastinating-they met face to face on ABC's 'Good Morning America' Tuesday... They hugged and blushed.

“This is a dream come true. I can’t believe I’m seeing her right now,” said Avsec, after both stepped out from behind a wall on the GMA set.

 “My only expectation is to enjoy our trip and enjoy getting to know each other,” Arendas said on GMA. “I can absolutely not wait to be on the beach.”

When asked about their potential future relationship, Arendas said, “We waited three years to send each other 10 messages so I think we need more than 30 minutes to be able to answer that question effectively.”

tinder couple

When Tinder heard about their story, they were so impressed that they offered to send them anywhere in the world for a week-long date. And their choice was the beautiful place Muai, Hawaii.