The Amazing Married Life of Chantal Criag and Yannick Bisson, Their Wedding and Children Details

News by Clarence Published on 08 Jun,2017 Updated on 26 Jul,2017

Canadian Film and television actor Yannick D. Bisson well known for Murdoch Mysteries is a married man. He got married to his high school sweetheart. That's something we don't come across often these days. Yannick and Chantal Craig have been married since 1990 and are still together.

The couple share three kids and the family of five are living happily from day one. We have all the details on Yannick D. Bisson's and Chantal Craig's happy marriage!

Yannick D. Bisson and Chantal Craig's Happy Married Life

Yannick D. Bisson is what you call a classic one woman man.He's been in love with the only one girl to date. The girl is from his high school and now she is his wife. Bisson was a trainer whereas, his wife was already into television content creation. 

Yannick D. Bisson and Chantal Craig

Yannick D. Bisson and Chantal Craig


Later, they got married and they both got into acting as well. But it was not always apples and pies. Every once in a while family goes through bad times. This family also did. However, Mr. Bisson did not give up and neither did his wife.


The path winds, it twists and turns.

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Bisson worked as a body builder to support his family as they were married while they were in college. A family who never gives up whatever happens. That's inspiring!

And that might be the secret to their happy marriage and so much love till date. Let's talk about Yannick Bisson and Chantal Craig's kids, the family they have created together. 

Yannick D. Bisson and Chantal Craig's three musketeers (kids)

From their relationship, Mr. and Mrs. Bisson share three kids; Brianna Bisson, Dominique Bisson, Mikaela Bisson. Brianna Bisson is the youngest who has also appeared in movies like Rishi's World, Static, Execute. The second kid Dominique Bisson has also been in movies, like Custody, Hannibal and Murdoch Mysteries.

Brianna Bisson, Dominique Bisson, Mikaela Bisson, Yannick D. Bisson and Chantal Craig's

Yannick D. Bisson and Chantal Craig with kids


The youngest one of them all is Mikaela Bisson who is not into acting like others in the family. All in all the family is having a blast with loving parents who are sometimes a bit tough on the kids. 

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