Taylor Swift is BACK! Posts a video congratulating NBAs Russel Westbrook

News by Riya Published on 28 Jun,2017 Updated on 18 Aug,2017

Taylor Swift is back in the spotlight with a sweet yet hilarious video that she made to congratulate her NBA player friend, Russel Westbrook.

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Sharing the video on her Instagram account, she makes some light-hearted jokes on her friend, Westbrook. Drawing all the credit for his victory to herself, she brags about how it was her who taught him to dribble the ball and shoot all the hoops in the first place.

She said

"If you remember correctly, I was upset when you beat me for the first time and it was you told me 'you just need to shake it off'.

Keeping the jokes apart, later in the video she congratulated her champion friend for the success.

The video came as a surprise to many as the friendship between the singer and basketball champion was never much talked about

Taylor's fans are exalted to see their icon after six long months while some viewers find the video nonsensical and absurd.