Where is Taylor Swift? Has she been kidnapped? She hasnt been seen in public since January 11.

News by Riya Published on 27 Mar,2017 Updated on 29 Aug,2017

Where is Taylor Swift? Has she been kidnapped? She hasn’t been seen in public since January 11.

Has Taylor Swift been kidnapped? Here's how and where Taylor was last seen

Word on the street is that Taylor Swift has been kidnapped! Before you get a panic attack, slow down. There have been some conspiracy theories circling the internet saying Taylor is probably kidnapped.She was last seen on 11th January, coming out of Body Simone which apparently is her favorite workout in Lon Angeles. It’s been over 2 and half months since then. Where is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, Source: vanity fair

It is ridiculous to believe that she is kidnapped. But, if Taylor Swift hasn’t been kidnapped, then where has she been for all this time? She has never been fame-shy, in fact, Taylor seems to love the camera. And why shouldn’t she? She has worked hard for it.

What is Taylor Swift up to?

Now, as per where Taylor Swift is. We have a small theory, remember how all of us Swifties were expecting a new album back in October and then in December on her birthday and it didn’t happen? Instead, she surprised us with the ‘’I don’t Wanna Live Forever’’ track with Zayn Malik for Fifty Shades Darker.


Taylor Swift on BBC Live Lounge covering Vance Joy

                                                 Source: Pinterest

So, the reason why she hasn't been seen anywhere in public could be the fact that she is somewhere in a studio working hard to bring us a new album. Already excited!! OR

Is it because of Kim Kardashian West that Taylor Swift is keeping a low profile? 

Or, another theory is that she could be taking some safety measures after the whole thing with Kim Kardashian. If you need a reminder Kim Kardashian was robbed off of $10 million worth of Jewelry and held captive in her Paris Hotel on 3rd October in 2016. Robbers supposedly found her via her social media updates. And maybe Taylor Swift is taking precaution as well.

Or, is she really kidnapped? Can’t happen, right? We’ll let you know as soon as she makes an appearance.