Soccer is a game played by ball. Association football is commonly known as Soccer. It is a game played between two teams having eleven players each. Soccer is played all over the world. Soccer is the most widely played and viewed sport in the world. Soccer is the most popular sport. Soccer is played in the rectangular field which posses two goal boxes at each end. The opponent teams tries to goal and the team has to stop the opponent from scoring the goal remaining under the soccer rule. This is how soccer is played. The team which secures highest number of goals during the certain given time duration comes as a winner. In Soccer, goalkeepers are only the ones who can touch the ball with their hands within the penalty area otherwise it will be foul. Soccer is also nicknames as Football, footy/footie and also called as the beautiful game. The first game of Soccer was played in 1863 December 19 in England. There is still no evidence from where the soccer game had originated. The most common name of Soccer is football.