England is a very developed country in Europe which is the part of the United Kingdom. London is the capital of England. It shares its border with Scotland to the north and Wales in the west. England covers the total land area of 130,395 sq km. People of England are called English and they are mostly Christian by faith.

The name of the country England was derived from the Old English called “Englaland” meaning “land of Angels”. England is a very developed and scenically very beautiful country. It is developed in every infrastructural sector. England is the home of many famous scientists, mathematicians, literature, artists, etc. England is famous in entertainment industry including films, music, musicals, etc. Football is the most popular sports in England. England is playing in FIFA World Cup and has won 1966 FIFA World Cup. England is also very famous in the world for Club level Football. Besides, England has set its name in the international arena as a strong team in Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Darts and Tennis.