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Suzanne Berhow, known for her role, in the 'Game Grumps web series rose to fame through her YouTube channel, 'Mortem3r,' which offers a wide range of content spanning from fashion updates to various genres. Before this, she launched 'Meeperfish' a channel focused on cartoons with voiceovers by her husband, Arin, and other internet personalities.

Her third channel, 'KittyKatGaming' is linked with Game Grumps and centers around gaming-related content. Suzy initially pursued a career in modeling before tying the knot with animator Arin Hanson following an 11-year courtship. For details, on Suzy's life, career trajectory, financial worth, relationship status, social media presence and more feel free to delve into the article below.

Berhow's Relationship status

Suzy Berhow and Arin Hanson first met in 2006 at an anime convention, in Orlando through a friend. They hit it off quickly. Decided to go on a date after a brief chat. Arin, also known as Egoraptor online is known for creating content.

Suzy Berhow and Arin Hanson Suzy Berhow and Arin Hanson tied the knot on October 25, 2013.
SOURCE: Instagram

After dating for five years Arin proposed to Suzy in 2011. They tied the knot on October 25, 2013. They currently live together in Orlando with their three cats; Mochi, and Mimi, and their newest addition a kitten named Otto.

In a video Suzy and Arin mentioned that they are not planning to have children as they are focused on their careers in the online world. Their journey from meeting at a convention to getting married showcases their bond, where their shared love for animals plays a role, in their life together.

How Were Suzanne's Early Years?

In her years Suzy Berhow, born on July 3 1989 in Orlando, Florida grew up in a knit family alongside five older siblings; Charlie, Jean (her twin sister) Ginger, Joey, and Matt. With a father who works as a businessman and a mother who is a teacher Suzy's childhood was filled with experiences that shaped her.

From the age of six Suzy displayed her talents which were noticed by her parents. They decided to support her by enrolling her in drawing lessons at the age of nine. While juggling high school life, in Orlando Suzy focused on honing her skills in drawing and design.

Her interest in animation and hosting blossomed with the rise of YouTube. Encouraged by this passion Suzy aimed for a career that would allow her to express her creativity fully. Graduating successfully from school, in Orlando marked a milestone in paving the way for her future aspirations.

Suzy's Professional Endeavours

Suzy Berhow, known for her contributions to the YouTube channels 'Meeperfish,' 'Mortem3r,' and 'KittyKatGaming,' started her online journey in 2007 with 'Meeperfish,' showcasing cartoon and animation-themed content. Collaborating with her husband, Arin, and other voice actors, the channel thrived until its last upload in March 2013.

In 2012, Suzy launched 'Mortem3r,' focusing on makeup and fashion, gaining substantial popularity. In 2015, she introduced 'KittyKatGaming,' a gaming channel featuring DIY video games, makeup tutorials, and cosplays. Simultaneously, Suzy significantly contributed to the 'Game Grumps' web series, joining Arin Hanson and Jon Jafari.

Suzy Berhow and Arin Hanson with friendsSuzy Berhow is known for her contributions to the YouTube channels; 'Meeperfish,' 'Mortem3r,' and 'KittyKatGaming.' 
SOURCE: Instagram

She occasionally assisted in video creation, guest-starred in episodes like 'Gotta Poo' and 'Pay Your Workers,' and replaced Leigh Daniel Avidan in 'Mario Party for Steam Rolled.' In 2014, Suzy and Arin were featured in 'Date Grumps' Valentine-themed episodes on 'The Lion King' and 'Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.'

Her engagement with Game Grumps fans was highlighted on Instagram. While 'Meeperfish' has remained dormant since 2013, Suzy continues to thrive on 'Mortem3r' and 'KittyKatGaming,' showcasing her diverse talents on YouTube.

Berhow's Physical Attributes

At the age of 30 Suzy possesses traits. Her long flowing hair gracefully falls over her shoulders accentuating her mesmerizing eyes. Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) she carries herself with elegance and poise.

Suzy maintains a proportioned figure weighing 139 pounds (63 kilograms). Her overall presence exudes a blend of beauty and stature setting her apart as an individual.

With an aura that commands attention and a confident demeanor Suzy's physical attributes perfectly complement her interests and vibrant lifestyle.

Suzanne's Interests And Hobbies

Suzy, a shopper loves exploring clothing stores to update her style currently favoring a Gothic aesthetic. She has an interest, in tattoos. Has adorned her left arm with intricate ink designs.

Suzy Berhow Suzy Berhow has ventured into the world of gaming by creating her KittyKatGaming channel.
SOURCE: Instagram

Lately, she has ventured into the world of gaming by creating her KittyKatGaming channel showing a liking for the "Uncharted" and "Final Fantasy" series. When it comes to movies Suzy admires actors such as John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman.

Her ultimate favorite film is "Pulp Fiction ". She also enjoys watching classics like "Grease," known gems like "The Fanatic " and Tarantino's masterpiece "Django Unchained." Apart, from these interests Suzy is an animal enthusiast who often features her beloved pets in the videos she posts on her channels.

How Rich Is Suzy Berhow?

As of the beginning of 2024, Suzanne 'Suzy' Berhow has accumulated a worth surpassing $1 million. Her financial success comes from her career as an actress, and YouTuber and her involvement, in projects, including collaborations.

Suzy's YouTube presence, where she shares content ranging from gaming to lifestyle topics plays a role, in her income. Her skills also extend to acting which adds to her stability.

Furthermore, strategic partnerships and business endeavors have greatly contributed to Suzy's growth. Through her interests and hard work, she has established herself as an entrepreneur, entertainer, and creator earning financial gains throughout her remarkable professional journey.

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