Stephen Belafonte wants money from Mel B for 'Cash Advance'. Lawsuit filed against Mel B.

Stephen Belafonte, the ex-husband of the former Spice Girl Mel B, has requested her to give some money for his living expenses even though they are on the verge of getting a divorce. 

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However, Mel B has refused to pay the money, instead, has accused him of stealing $80,000 fro her. In reply, Stephen has denied the allegations. Mal B's lawyer presented the paper in the court which says: 

Belafonte has plenty of funds I a s sume from the amounts he has earned and continues to earn to pay for his expenses. We do not believe your client is entitled to much, if any, of the community, but will owe Mel for the amounts he has taken from her without her knowledge or consent.

The news has taken a twist as nanny Lorraine Gilles filed a lawsuit against the former Spice Girl claiming that she was forced to take part in threesomes in their 7 years of marriage. She also denied Mel's allegation of having an affair with Belafonte and revealed that she was forced by Mel to abort his baby.

Mel B who got a restraining order against her husband claimed that she was forced by her husband to take part in 3-way sex and even admitted that she was physically abused. 


However, Stephen denied the allegations made by his ex-wife and has filed for sole custody of their children


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