Lorrine Gille Is The Nanny Whom Mel B Accused Of Being Pregnant With Stephens Baby

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 09 Apr,2017 Updated on 10 Sep,2017

The allegation made by Mel B on Stephen Belafonte has taken a new turn. Mel B who has already filed a case for divorce against former husband Stephen Belafonte has accused him of making their nanny pregnant. The statement went viral and everyone in search of their nanny in social media has finally found her.

Lorraine Gille who came from Germany lives with her husband who is an event manager. When she took charge of caring three children of Mel B and Stephens she would have never thought she will literally be known for all bad reasons.


Well Mel B claimed that Stephen slept with Lorraine and made her pregnant. For which Stephen provided her with £240,390 for not taking any kind of action against him and £241,000 for abortion. Lorraine Gille was seen in different pictures of Mel B’s and Stephen’s.


Taking a dig at Mel b’s statement Lorraine’s Sister Jacqueline Baartz has denied and falsified Mel’s accusations. She said that her sister has never made sexual relationship with Stephen. She also stated they are very close to each other and if anything like this would have happened, she would have told me.


“She never was involved sexually with him. I don’t know where this is coming from. She worked for the family for seven years and had nothing but positive experiences.

“My mum and I went over there a couple of years ago and we saw how well they all interacted. I am shocked to hear this side of a relationship because it was not one that was displayed to us.
“She is married now and trying to get on with her life.” Said Jacqueline Baartz.