South Korea's Massive Wildfire; One Man Died and Thousands Affected

News by Krijana Duwal Published on 05 Apr,2019

South Korea Is Currently Struggling To Battle The Worst Wildfire On Its Soil In Over The Years.

  • The wildfire destroyed 200 homes.
  • Road and railways are currently shut down.
  • Sixty years old man died due to fire.
  • A woman in her 70s died after being hit by a wide-angle mirror on the road.
  • Around 250 hectares of the forest was burnt in Goseong along.
  • The fire started from a transformer spark near the resort in Goseong.

On Friday, South Korea had to struggle with massive wildfire through forests and cities along the eastern coast declaring a national emergency and making sure of mobilizing all available resources to bring the fire under the control.

Over 13000 rescue officials from all across the nation have been battling to control the fire that first started from the mountainous county of Goseong that lies around 160 kilometers northeast of Seoul.

The fire did not take any longer to spread to neighboring places like Sokcho, Gangneung, and Donghae within a couple of hours.

CAPTION: South Korea's Massive Wildfire SOURCE: elevenmyanmar

The wildfire has destroyed 200 homes, killing one person, and forcing thousands of fleeing. More than 4,200 are affected and have left their homes. Sixty years old man died because of fire where a woman in her 70s died after she was hit by a wide-angle mirror on a road that fell due to strong winds.

Railways and roads have been shut down, and over 52 schools and other facilities have been closed temporarily.

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The Ministry of the Interior and Safety reported that around 250 hectares of the forest were burned in Goseong alone.

The fire started in Thursday night from a transformer spark near the resort in the town Goseong and quickly spread to the nearby mountains.

The fire captain at Gangwon Fire Headquarters, Choi Jin-ho said that around 2400 people in Geseong and almost 1250 in Sokcho had been moved to the safer place.

South Korean President Moon Jae’s office reported that he held an emergency meeting in the early Friday and called for every available resource to be deployed.

Over 870 firetrucks and 13000 firefighters were deployed to fight the fire overnight, but due to the wind and darkness, it was quite troublesome.

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