Simone Cruickshank Rivera a daughter of Attorney Geraldo Rivera facts and bio

News by Bartle Published on 21 Dec,2015 Updated on 21 Dec,2015

Geraldo Rivera popularly known as Jerry has divorced for the 4 times and also dated more than a half of the popular celebrities. Simone Cruickshank Rivera was the daughter from C.C. Dyer whom he got married in 11 July 1989 later with a huge conflict and large controversy the couple got separated in the year 2000. There never disclosed the reason behind their separation and also made a big question mark to the public. Simone was born in September 1994 and currently 23 years of age. She is an outstanding lady with a perfect figure, height and body structure. She is daddy’s favorite girl.

During the Paris terror attack it was also stated by Geraldo Rivera that Simone was nearly swallowed. She was so frightened during the time. During the time she and her friends were at Stade De France and having fun within the soccer match they head 3 times a same form of explosions and ran across. She stated that was the most dangerous time of her life. She later stated, with the blessings of god she escaped from the very dark part. As she loves travelling across the different places with her friends and family this was her 5th visit to France.

Simone started living independently from her very early age. Right after the divorce of her father and mother she started targeting her goals and started continuing with sincerity towards her studies. She also states her life as a hidden book therefore, she avoided the public and media stating about her relationship and boyfriend. She was one of the most loved daughters by her dad out of the other children. She was always faithful towards him and obeyed all his decisions. She also used to give her time towards her mother and helping her a lot for settling down her present life.

As Attorney Geraldo Rivera was earning a good amount of net worth he gave a wealthy childhood to Simone. Still, she stated she wished her mother and father to live together and own a happy family. This is the major things she lacks and wishes for. During her free time she often watches movies and take her time with her siblings. She loves cooking and make yummy dished for her father and brother. She has also taken participation in a beauty pageant that she states one of the most achieved moments throughout her life. Simone is a brilliant singer, she has a good voice for singling, and still she has not joined any band or made any album. She states, it is her talent but she don’t want to adopt it as her profession. She loves sharing and clicking her pictures within the social sites, to reach closely among her well-wishers and her friends. She mostly loves being within Instagram with close connection of her followers.