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Born with a silver spoon, Shepherd McLaughlin came to the limelight as a son of the fame as a YouTuber as well as comedian, and director Rhett McLaughlin and mother Jessie Lane. Shepherd also made his recognition in the entertainment industry as a child actor who worked in Star Bound(2014), written directed by Benjamin Eck. Besides, he has also played some roles in his fathers’ YouTube videos such as Good Mythical MORE, and Good Mythical Morning.

Early Life And Education Of Shepherd McLaughlin

Shepherd McLaughlin was born in the year 2009 to the famous YouTuber, actor, comedian, and director Rhett McLaughlin and mother Jessie Lane. Shephard was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised by his parents. McLaughlin belongs to the White American ethnicity and is an American by his nationality.

Shepherd also has a brother named Locke McLaughlin who has also appeared in his father's YouTube videos.

Shepherd McLaughlin's Career

Shephard got an opportunity to play a role in the short movie Star Bound (2014) at the tender age of 5 years old. He has also performed several roles in his fathers’ YouTube channels Rhett & Link, Good Mythical More, and Good Mythical Morning. McLaughlin is just 9 years old as of January 2018 and he is attending his early education. He has already put his step in acting so we can a s sume that he will pursue his career in acting.

On the other side, his father Rhett McLaughlin is a famous YouTuber, actor, comedian, and director. Mr. McLaughlin and his professional partner Charles Lincoln's “Link” Neal III created a doc u mentary  Looking for Ms. Locklear in 2008 which gained huge popularity and inspired them to continue with their work. Later in 2012, they created a YouTube channel under the name Rhett and Link and started hosting a show called Good Mythical Morning. Fortunately, it became one of the most viewed shows on the web.

Their funny music videos, sketches, and hilarious local commercials are some of the major contents of their YouTube channels which have been attracting viewers for years.

Rhett McLaughlin also has another YouTube channel Good Mythical More and a weekly podcast channel called Ear Biscuits. Besides these YouTube channels, Rhett also owns a website called which contains music, merchandise, and other items.

Later, Rhett and Link appeared as a singing duo on the kid's show Jelly Telly where they were known as  The Fabulous Bentley Brothers. Besides, they have made multiple appearances on the ‘Epic Rap Battles’ show.

Shepherd McLaughlin's Net Worth

Shepherd is just 9 years old as of 2019 and he has not been involved in any sort of money-making activities. He has been attending his school education, however, he has already put his step into the entertainment industry as a child actor. He worked in a short movie Star Bound in 2014 at the early age of 5 from which he might have earned a good sum of money. Also, he was also featured in some odd numbers of videos on his father's YouTube channel. As of now, we can say that Shepherd McLaughlin's net worth is a mystery.

Meanwhile, his father Rhett McLaughlin earns a staggering sum of money from his YouTube channels and from his career as an actor, director, and comedian. As of 2019, YouTuber, Rhett McLaughlin's net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

The YouTube channel Rhett & Link has more than 12 million subscribers and over 3 billion views and their channels Good Mythical Morning and Good Mythical More also have millions of subscribers and views so we can say that they collect good revenue from their YouTube channel.

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According to the sources, the amount of money a YouTuber could make with 10 million subscribers would be approximately $29450. So, it can be easily estimated that Rhett and Link earn more than $29450 from one YouTube video as they have more than 12 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, the sources reported that the McLaughlin family owns a Toyota 4runner car that costs $38,500 and has a dog Coton de Tulear which costs between $2,000 and $4,000.

Shepherd McLaughlin's Personal Life

Shepherd McLaughlin, who is just 9-years-old is pretty young to be in any kind of relationship. He is living a joyful life with his brother and parents where he also appears on some videos for his father's YouTube channel. He currently lives with his brother and parents in Los Angeles, CA.

His parents Rhett McLaughlin and Jessie Lane have given them the best possible environment for them to grow themselves. The couple has been married since March 29, 2001, and are greatly been in love ever since.

Shepherd and his brother Locke are often seen spending their quality time together in several different spots across the USA. Rhett also features his family vacations in some of his videos which he also shares on YouTube.

Does Rhett McLaughlin Have A daughter?

Rhett McLaughlin and his wife Jessia Lane have two children; both sons; Shepherd McLaughlin and his older brother Locke McLaughlin who was born in 2004 but the couple doesn't have any daughter together.

Below is a video that describes the personal descriptions of the famous YouTuber and comedian Rhett McLaughlin.

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