Secrets of football coach Lane Kiffin's happy married life, with Layla Kiffin revealed, here

News by Clarence Published on 26 Oct,2016 Updated on 20 Nov,2017

Married in 1999, Lane Kiffin and Layla Getty seemed like a perfect couple to all of the fans but the couple shocked the world when they filed a divorce action in LA recently. 

Why is the couple getting the divorce all of a sudden and what exactly happened between these parents of three beautiful children that led them to pull out of each other's life? Let's find out here.

It is an Irreconcilable Differences

Famous online sites like TMZ and Fox news point towards Lane's frequent traveling to places was the reason for the split but the action filed in court says "irreconcilable differences".

The term "irreconcilable differences" point towards frequent dispute and differences in their thinkings which has to be running for a long period of time.

It looks like the family was quiet about this for a long time due to the negative impact it may cause to their children but finally, they have approached the court's door to settle their differences by choosing separate ways in life.

Lane Kiffin with her children, Source: CDN

Lane Kiffin with her children, Source: CDN

Layla Kiffin and Lane married each other in 2000 and have three children two daughters and a son. The children are still young and the custody is set to be given to Layla with spousal support.

Lane will have to settle for visitation at this one. There was no custody issue for his three minor kids named Landry and Pressley and son Monte Knox.

Statement Issued by Lane in February 2016 

After a lot of careful thought and consideration, Layla and I have mutually decided to divorce," Lane Kiffin said. "We are fully committed to our kids' future being our No. 1 priority. We will maintain an amicable relationship with respect for each other as we raise these three wonderful children. We will have no further comments and appreciate respect for our family's privacy.

Lane further added,

The decision of break up was mutual  and We will maintain an amicable relationship with respect for each other as we raise these three wonderful children.

Divorce & Children:

Divorces often come with sadness and it obviously a depressing step that parents can take especially when their children are not of a proper age to understand it.

However, both of the couples are trying their best to make their children feel more easy about it and have less impact as possible on their children while they undergo the complex process of divorce.