Seamus Coleman Has Some Serious Injuries And Not Going to Play For Six Months

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 26 Mar,2017 Updated on 28 Aug,2017

The captain of the Republic of Ireland national team, Seamus Coleman underwent surgery on Saturday morning after his horrible fracture incident happened at a match with Wales on Friday.

The game had one on one draw. He is reported to have gone to rest for six months.



Orthopedic surgeon Professor John O’Byrne and Mr. Garry O’ Toole operated 28 years old Coleman. After the incident, he was supplied oxygen and rushed to the hospital.

Looking at the critical injuries Irish manager Martin o’ Neil backed the player and said he has no further matched either for club or country and he will be a big loss.

Seamus Coleman plays for Everton and has made around 200 appearances for the club. We hope he recovers soon and plays for the team as well.

Seamus Coleman has accepted an invitation from Martin O’ Neill to join Ireland squad for the June’s world cup qualifier in Austria.