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Sara Rejaie gained public attention as the spouse of Charlie McDermott, a prominent actor and musician recognized for his role as Axl Heck on ABC's "The Middle." Charlie has also made appearances in various TV shows such as "The Village," "The Ten," and "Morning," among others.

This article will delve into the professional endeavors of Sara and her husband Charlie, offering insights into their personal lives. Throughout this piece, you'll discover details about Sara Rejaie's age, career, presence on Instagram, net worth, and much more.

What Is Sara Rejaie's Age?

As previously mentioned, Sara gained recognition as the wife of actor Charlie McDermott. While specific details about her age and childhood are not readily available, some online sources suggest that Sara is in her early 30s.

Charlie McDermott's spouse Sara Rejaie's parents.  SOURCE: Celebsuburb

Regarding Rejaie's parental background, in late 2016, she shared photographs of her parents on her Instagram, captioning them as "mom" and "dad." However, their names remain undisclosed.

On the other hand, Charlie McDermott, Sara's husband, was born Charles Joseph McDermott Jr. on April 6, 1990, in West Chester, PA. He is the son of Barbara McDermott and Charlie McDermott.

What Is Sara Rejaie's Net Worth?

As of now, Sara, the esteemed celebrity spouse, boasts a commendable net worth estimated at $500 thousand. Her primary source of income stems from her career as an actress, where she has showcased her talents within the entertainment industry.

In contrast, Sara's multi-talented husband, Charlie, is estimated to possess a substantial net worth of $2 million as of the same year. His multifaceted career, spanning acting, music, drawing, and photography, has contributed significantly to his amassed wealth, showcasing his versatility and success across various artistic domains.  

Who Is Sara Rejaie's Husband?

The married couple Charlie and Sara tied the knot in 2017 after reportedly being in a long-term relationship. However, beyond this information, there are limited details available regarding Sara's personal life, particularly her romantic relationships.

Sara Rejaie and her husband Charlie McDermott. SOURCE: Celebsuburb

In 2017, Charlie shared a six-minute video on YouTube titled "My Two Thousand Seventeen," featuring a vlog-style presentation where Sara also made an appearance. Much like many celebrities, Sara's marriage and personal life have been kept private, with scarce updates or public disclosures beyond the video shared by her husband Charlie.

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Career Highlights

Sara professionally ventured into acting within the film industry in 2018. During that year, she portrayed the role of a mother in the short film "Layle." Notably, she also served as the director and writer for the same project.

Since her involvement in "Layle," Rejaie hasn't been involved in any other television projects. However, there's anticipation and hope among fans that she might grace movies and shows in the forthcoming days.

Social Media Presence

As of now, Sara maintains an active presence on Instagram @sararejaie with an audience of nearly 1K followers. Her Instagram feed predominantly features picturesque images capturing the beauty of the environment. Sara frequently shares snapshots showcasing nature's allure and scenic landscapes.

In contrast, her husband Charlie McDermott boasts a more substantial following, exceeding 60K followers on his Instagram account @charliemcdermott. His account presumably reflects a diverse array of content, likely encompassing his artistic pursuits, personal interests, and perhaps glimpses into his professional endeavors.

Sara's Husband Is An Actor

Charlie embarked on his acting journey in 2004, marking the beginning of a diverse career. Throughout his career, he has showcased his talent across various TV series, including notable appearances in "Private Practice" and "The Office," sharing the screen with renowned actors like John Krasinski and Steve Carell. Notably, Sara's husband has gained recognition for his portrayals of characters such as Wild Bill in "Disappearances," T.J. Eddy in "Frozen River," and the role of Axl Heck in the popular series "The Middle."

His acting repertoire extends to several other productions, encompassing works like "The Village," "The Ten," "Safe Harbor," "Hot Tub Time Machine," and "Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas," among others. In 2008, Charlie earned a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male for his performance in the film "Frozen River."

Sara's Spouse Is Interested In Art and Music

It appears that Rejaie's husband has diversified his interests beyond acting, showing a keen passion for drawing and photography, which he shares on his Instagram account under the username @charliemcdemott.

Additionally, by 2020, Charlie embarked on a new creative journey as a music artist. In October of that year, he unveiled his debut music video titled "Wayside," available on YouTube. Following this, he released songs like "Bake a Cake" and "Butterfingers." Continuing his musical pursuits, in 2021, Sara's spouse released music videos titled "My Brain Hurts" and "Park and Ride."


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by Jonathan, 19 Dec, 2023

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