Sam Esmail and Emmy Rossum's Life as Husband and Wife-Details About Their Wedding Ceremony, Proposal and More!

Hitched! The gorgeous Shameless (2001-present) actress Emmy Rossum has married her long-term beau, the creator of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail. The couple who was dating since 2013 finally they got engaged in 2015 and by 2017 the couple is now officially married!

They exchanged their vows in front of 130 family and friends in New York on May 28, 2017, all the while holding each other's hand and of course, looking perfect. 

The couple who loves to pa s s their time reading The New York Times “Modern Love” section together has a very distinctive way of showing love to each other, especially, Sam Esmail's way of proposing Emmy Rossum will leave you in awe. 

 Here's How Sam Esmail Proposed Emmy Rossum 

The Phantom of the Opera (2004) actress, Emmy Rossum revealed in one of her interviews with Vogue how wonderfully her husband proposed to her.  Chances are you'll get a little jealous once you hear the story.


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About the proposal, the beautiful Emmy Rossum said that she was on bathtub when Sam proposed to her. According to Emmy, Sam asked her to read the paper, but she said would read it only if he let her read it from the bathtub as Emmy wasn't feeling well. 

Recalling the moment, Emmy gushed

I began to read the article, and the story is about a director who falls in love with an actress, and I started to think: Huh, that’s strange, and then I realized that it was our love story.

Also, she added

At first, I freaked out because I thought perhaps he had actually put it in the paper and I hadn’t seen it, and everyone knew it but me, and then, I kind of scanned to the end and it said, ‘Love, your Sam.

Everyone together now "AWWWWW"


DJ and Danya's wedding

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She further stated that her sweet hubby had gotten in touch with The New York Times editor to replicate a certain section of the paper complete with an ad for a Ralph Lauren bag, that Emmy liked.

When she realized that all this was actually happening she panicked a little and she wrapped herself in a towel and got out of the bathtub as the story was quite long.

Emmy Rossum, Sam Esmail, living happily, together, married, hitched, engaged

Emmy Rossum looking beautiful in the red dress

By the time she finished reading, her husband was at the edge of the bathtub with a ring. We know right, she probably felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

The ring was a Vintage (circa 1920) Chaumet diamond engagement ring, Emmy and Sam had seen the ring together two years ago in a jewelry store.

Emmy Rossum, Sam Esmail, engagement, marraige, hitched,together, tied knots, living happily

The vintage (circa 1920) Chaumet diamond engagement ring on Emmy's finger


Doesn't this show how much Sam admires Emmy, to notice every single detail about her life and remember it, how thoughtful and romantic! Take some note boys!

Emmy Rossum and Sam Esmail's Marriage-Here's Everything You Need To Know 

Let's start with the venue. According to reports, these two got married at the east 55th street Conservative Synagogue in New York City. The guest list included William H. Macy, Robert Downey Jr, Rami Malek, Charly Chaikin, Hilary Swank and Christian Slater among others.

The beautiful bride wore an off-the-shoulder gown from Carolina Herrera, and the gown was a love at first sight as per Emmy Rossum- she knew she wanted Mrs. Herrera's design for her wedding and when she laid her eyes upon the gown, she knew was getting married in that right away.

Emmy Rossum, Sam Esmail, wedding gown, Carolina Herrera wedding gown

Emmy Rossum looking beautiful in Carolina Herrera wedding gown

Emmy Rossum, the newly-wed on her marriage:

I knew I’d be getting married at the temple, which is quite grand, and that the reception would be at the Guggenheim, so we knew that it needed to be a dress that could hold up to that. 

Meanwhile, the groom Sam Esmail, 39, looked handsome in a cla s sic black suit with a black tie along with his trademark thick-rimmed gla s ses. 

We are pretty sure it was an iconic wedding!  Well, the couple pulled off their wedding pretty great and we hope that they stay happy as they are right now. 

Quick Facts

  • Emmy Rossum was born as Emmanuelle Grey Rossum.
  • She was born on September 12, 1986 (age 31).
  • Emmy Rossum was the only child of Cheryl Rossum who raised her as a single mother.
  • Her first debut was on television in August 1997 in As the World Turns.
  • Emmy Rossum was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Performance for Genius. 
  • Her net worth is an estimated $12 million.
  • Rossum was married to Justin Siegel on February 17, 2008, but got separated on December 28, 2010
  • She has an autoimmune disease called as Celiac disease where the body cannot tolerate any foods containing gluten.


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