PSY's Gangnam Style, No Longer Youtube's Most Watched Video

News by Arya Pokhrel Published on 12 Jul,2017 Updated on 12 Jul,2017

It's official- For the first time since 2012, PSY’s Gangnam Style has been unseated on Youtube as Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again took the throne for the most watched videos of all time.

As of Tuesday, the heart-wrenching song feat Charlie Puth surpassed the insanely compelling 5-year-old viral music video “Gangnam Style”.

Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again from the movie “Furious 7”, hit 2,894,026,649 on 10th July, one of the video streamers said in a statement.

Similarly, PSY’s Gangnam Style had 2,894,022,885 views on the same day.

PSY’s music video was ruling the throne for past five years, taking over from Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in November 2012.

“See You Again” was commissioned for the soundtrack of the movie Furious 7 as a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker, who passed away in a car crash two years back. The track has averaged more than 3 million views per day this year.

Listening to the good news, Wiz Khalifa said in a statement,

“I’m super excited and grateful to everyone who supported the song and video on YouTube, and happy to inspire and impact so many lives.”

Charlie Puth also said that he was extremely happy and grateful to everyone who supported the song and video on YouTube and that he’s happy to inspire and leave an impact on many lives.

Puth added

“Now, a decade later, it feels incredible to be a part of the most-viewed video on YouTube.”

“See You Again” is both Khalifa’s and Puth’s biggest hit to date.