Netflix Producer Alexandra Canosa Claims Harvey Weinstein Raped Her At Least Nine Times

News by Dabria Published on 02 May,2018 Updated on 02 May,2018

Marco Polo Producer Claims Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein Raped her multiple times over the course of seven years

  • Alexandra Canosa; the former producer of Netflix's show Marco polo, filed a case against Harvey Weinstein claiming she was raped by him at least nine times when they were working together.
  • He first raped her in 2010 which continued until September 2017.
  • Weinstein has yet again denied all the charges, and as per his lawyers the allegations are 'not supported by facts.'
  • The Hollywood producers have been accused of sexual misconduct by several actresses including Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Lysette Anthony, Mimi Haleyi and among others.

Former producer of Netflix's show Marco Polo, Alexandra Canosa claims Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her for at least nine times when she worked for his company. Weinstein even threatened her job and career in the industry if she reported anything.

She filed a lawsuit in December 2017 against Weinstein, his company, board members, and his brother Bob Weinstein. Canosa has worked for the company for many years, and according to her, she was first assaulted in 2010 at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

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She was raped for at least nine times over the course of seven years until September 2017, and the incident took place in Los Angeles, New York, Budapest, Malaysia.

CAPTION: Harvey Weinstein is yet again accused of sexual assault. Alexandra Canosa claims Weinstein raped for several times while they were working together SOURCE: The New York Times

The filed complaint stated:

"On many occasions, Harvey Weinstein insisted on meeting with plaintiff in isolated environments for business purposes, made sure that no other persons or bystanders were around when having business meetings with plaintiff, demanded sexual contact, and threatened plaintiff if she would not give him what he wanted, and forcing himself on plaintiff despite repeated requests to stop".

On the other hand, Weinstein's attorney said:

"Canosa was a 'friend' who worked for the company for 10 years". 

He further added:

"Canosa 'traveled the world for the company and held several influential roles; overseeing many projects throughout the years. From someone who has been thought of as a good friend, these claims are not only mystifying to Mr. Weinstein, but deeply upsetting, and they are not supported by the facts". 

Harvey Weinstein has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct since last fall and is under criminal investigation in London, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York. He, however, has denied all the charges.

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