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Nadia Farmiga is a successful restaurateur and the sister of two celebrity actresses, Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga. She is also the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, who raised her and her siblings to stay rooted in their Ukrainian culture.

Nadia has been in the food and drink industry for over two decades. She worked in mechanical engineering before changing her career and working at Manhattan Bistro in SoHo. There, she met her husband and business partner, Wilson Costa. Together, they opened Misto, a catering, delivery, and pop-up food business.

Nadia Farmiga's Net Worth of Charting the Fortunes

Nadia Farmiga is a successful entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $500,000, while her sisters Vera and Taissa have net worths of $10 million and $1.5 million respectively.

Nadia graduated as a mechanical engineer from a US-based university and worked in various organizations in her profession. She later switched to the food and drink business and started her own startup business in 2020 called Misto, a restaurant co-owned with her husband Wilson Costa.

Nadia Farmiga with her sister the actresses, Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga.
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The restaurant serves Ukrainian and Brazilian-inspired dishes and has been doing well since it opened in 2012.  Nadia and Wilson Costa also opened a new restaurant in 2021, which has been successful and has helped them build a strong business.

Nadia has also been involved in other business ventures, such as real estate and investments. She is also a natural person who loves spending time in nature and enjoys reading books and listening to soothing music.

Nadia Farmiga Is Married To Wilson Costa

The narrative of Nadia's life weaves its threads with love and entrepreneurship. Set in the heart of Kingston, Nadia and her husband, Wilson Costa, embarked on their joint venture. Starting with The Downtown Café and later gracing the renowned Terrapin Restaurant in the Hudson Valley for an impressive 17 years, Nadia cultivated her culinary acumen.

It was during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic that Nadia and Wilson joined forces to launch Misto. An embodiment of cultural fusion, Misto celebrates the harmonious blend of Brazilian and Ukrainian influences, tantalizing taste buds and igniting a culinary renaissance.

In the realm of personal relationships, Nadia Farmiga's life is a chapter of love and partnership. Her union with Wilson Costa, a Brazilian gentleman, is a testament to the power of shared dreams. Their culinary journey began at the Manhattan Bistro SoHo, where their paths converged.

With a partnership spanning a remarkable 25 years, their journey of love and collaboration led them to Kingston, where The Downtown Café became a canvas for their shared aspirations. Blessed with two children, Nadia's story is one of a harmonious blend of family and professional success.

The Talented Sister OF Nadia Farmiga, Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga

Nadia Farmiga has not had any major roles in movies or TV shows, but she has made several appearances in her sisters' projects. She appeared in Vera's directorial debut Higher Ground, and she also appeared in Taissa's movie The Final Girls. She has also made appearances in other movies and TV shows, including The Bling Ring, 6 Years, and American Horror Story.

Vera Farmiga is best known for her diverse acting roles in movies, television, and theatre, which have earned her widespread critical acclaim. Vera garnered considerable acclaim for her performance in the 2004 drama "Down to the Bone."

Nadia Farmiga's sisters Laryssa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga the American Actress. SOURCE: Instagram

 In 2011, Vera directed and starred in Higher Ground, her directorial debut.Farmiga has dedicated her time to humanitarian efforts, collaborating with organizations such as UNICEF and the Enough Project.

Taissa Farmiga is best known for her roles in popular television series and horror movies. Her acting career began in 2011 when she appeared in the popular TV series American Horror Story, taking on the character of Violet Harmon.

The Transition to Entrepreneurship Career And Contract OF Nadia Farmiga 

Nadia Farmiga's professional journey is a testament to her adaptability and spirit of exploration. Before her foray into the culinary realm, she carved her path as a mechanical engineer across various enterprises. However, her heart led her to the world of flavours and culinary excellence.

Nadia's early experiences in Neuville-Sur-Seine laid the foundation for her culinary passion. Subsequently, her tenure at Le Garrick Restaurant in Manhattan provided the fertile ground for the seeds of her future partnership. She may not have tread the boards of the silver screen like her sisters, but her entrepreneurial flair shines with its unique brilliance.

Nadia's siblings have graced the entertainment industry with their presence, with Vera's notable appearances in films such as "The Conjuring" and "Bates Motel," and Taissa's performances in projects like "American "Horror Story" and "Higher Grounds," both under the direction of her sister, Vera.

Early Life of Nadia Farmiga

Born in June 1992, Nadia Farmiga, now 31 years old, hails from Clifton, New Jersey, making her an American citizen by birth. Despite her American roots, Nadia's ethnicity is White, owing to her parents' Ukrainian heritage.

Nadia's parents, Michael Farmiga and Lubomyra "Luba" Farmiga are first-generation Ukrainians who settled in New Jersey. Michael, once a systems analyst and now a landscaper, and Luba, a schoolteacher, instilled strong values in their seven children, nurturing a diverse range of talents.

 The family of Nadia Farmiga with her sister Laryssa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga. SOURCE: Pinterest

Nadia Farmiga's nationality is Ukrainian-American with Ukrainian ancestry. Her parents are first-generation Ukrainians that moved to New Jersey in the United States. Nadia and her brothers and sisters grew up in Irvington, New Jersey, within a Ukrainian-American community, where they were immersed in Ukrainian culture.

Academic Journey And Siblings OF Nadia Farmiga

Nadia's academic journey began in a Catholic school in Irvington, New Jersey. Engaging actively in extracurricular activities, she continued her education through fourth grade before transitioning to homeschooling.

Despite limited information on her later academic pursuits, Nadia's path led her to graduate as a mechanical engineer. She briefly practised engineering before embarking on a career shift that would define her future.

Nadia Farmiga is the second daughter in a family of seven siblings. Among them, Victor Farmiga remains a private figure, leaving his life out of the public eye. Stephan and Alexander Farmiga also maintain a low profile, with minimal information available.

Vera Farmiga, the eldest sister, stands as the most well-known among the siblings, boasting a successful career in acting, producing, and directing. Laryssa, born with Spina Bifida, and Taissa Farmiga an actress known for her work in Vera's projects, complete the Farmiga family lineup.

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