Mindy Kaling says Yes to Cory Booker For Dinner Date After Dissing Newark

News by Saburo Published on 02 Apr,2017 Updated on 20 Sep,2017

Mindy Kaling, an actress, comedian and the writer, actress and executive producer for the show The Mindy Project was publicly asked for a dinner date.

Fan photoshopped picture of Mindy Kaling and Cory Booker                                  

Fan photoshopped picture of Mindy Kaling and Cory Booker

                                                                       Source: CNN

The actress was asked out by Cory Booker, an American politician and the senator of New Jersey on Twitter.

When Mindy Kaling who plays as Mindy Lahiri on her show The Mindy Project was told that Cory had attended her friend's wedding, she said, "Cory Booker? I can't believe he came. I guess anything to get out of Newark, huh?"

This diss provoked Cory to immediately go to twitter and tweet,

She replied:

Cory Booker shocked the world when he tweeted:

Did senator Cory Booker just ask Mindy Kaling out for dinner on Twitter? Well, yes! That happened

Is Mindy Kaling going on a date with Senator Cory Booker?

Looks like she is! This is how Mindy Kaling responded to Sen. Cory Booker's dinner date proposal:

The conversation didn't seem to quite stop there, Booker tweeted: 

Something like this happened publicly on Twitter, obviously, Twitter exploded with reactions

Twitter reactions to the Mindy Kaling and Cory Booker show

Someone managed to take a political dig:

While some on Twitter were fighting among themselves:

Are Mindy Kaling and Cory Booker both single? Who were they dating?

Cory Booker was reported to be dating Cleo Wade, an Instagram poet in the year 2016.Mindy whereas was last reported to be dating Benjamin Nugent, a writer by profession.The pair split a few years ago but are still "friends".