Megyn Price, actress of 'Grounded for Life', is happily married to Edward Cotner and has a baby

News by Saburo Published on 27 Oct,2016 Updated on 11 Dec,2017

Megyn Price is a famous TV actress from popular TV show Grounded for life, who was married to producer Bill Lawrence sometimes in the early nineties and divorced in 1996 did not slam the door for love after her marriage failed. Instead, it showed her a way to return back home and claim her high school days lover  Edward Cotner a medical Doctor and ER specialist.

This proves the failure of one wedding does not result in getting grounded in life after all. Let's take a look at Megyn Price's personal life and her relationship with her loving husband and her nine years old daughter Grace Cotner.

5 ft 7 the tall sexy lady who is well known for her roles in Grounded for Life and Rules of Engagement is happy with her family life and marital relationship with Doctor Edward Cotner. 

Lucky Dr. Edward's Relationship

Edward would never have thought that her long-gone high school sweetheart who shared lecture together in Norman High School in Oklahoma will come back and hold her hands to exchange the vows once again in his life after she became a famous actor. However, as the famous phrase says "First love is hard to forget" and that happened with this two magnetic couple. 


No matter how far they were from each other and how different their career path grew they managed to set an example for all high school lovers who are certain their relationship is not going to work out. The couple married in 2005 after having an affair for a year or so.

Boyfriend turned Husband Edward Cotner

After dating for one year or so the couple decided to marry each other somewhere in 2005 and after a year their love resulted in a beautiful baby girl named Grace Cotner in 2007. Now the little Grace is nine years strong proof of the fact that true love never dies.

The beautiful blond actress of 45 is running strong in her wedding and is satisfied with her family life as well as her professional career till today's date.