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Maximiliano Ruben Maxi Rodriguez popularly known as Maxi Rodriguez is a Scottish footballer who plays for the Premier League club Liverpool and the Scottish national team as a Left Back. In his playing career, he has represented many teams like Queen's Park, Dundee United, and Hull City.

Early Life And Career Of Maxi Rodriguez

Maxi Rodriguez was born in the year 1981 January 2 at Rosario, Argentina. He was born and brought up in Argentina. She had the pa s sion and interest in football since his young age. He used to play with the natives.

Maxi  There is information on where he started his youth career being trained and developed at. He made his professional debut from Argentine first division Club Newell’s Old Boys in the year 1999. He spent three seasons in this club appearing in 57 matches bagging 20 goals for the team.

Afterward, in 2002, he moved to Spanish Club Espanyol. He appeared in 3 seasons matches of total 111 bagging 26 goals for the team. After the end of his contract with Espanyol, he moved to Atletico Madrid in 2005. He started with great seasons in these clubs.

Here in this club as well, he began to post the consistent number of goals. He appeared in 121 matches from the team with 32 goal scores spending five years in the club. He helped the club in UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2007.

After the end of the contract with Atletico, he made a free transfer to Liverpool in 2010. At Liverpool, he was given the jersey No.17. He had well shown his skills in this club as well being praised and applauded for his performances.

He spent two seasons at Liverpool appearing in 57 matches with 15 goal scores. In 2012, Maxi left Liverpool and returned his home and started playing from the former Club Newell’s Boys Boys. He is in the Current Team of Newell’s Old Boys as a Midfielder from squad No.11.

He has appeared in 50 matches from the team with 14 goals so far. He is in the first team of Argentina National Football Team since 2003. He has appeared in 53 capped matches with 15 prominent goals for the team so far.

He has the experience of playing in under-20 Argentina National Football Team in the year 2001. According to the salary statistics of 2012, his Salary is mentioned to be 3.3 million Euros. His agent id Jose Segui and has the market value of 1.6 million GBP.

Maxi Rodriguez plays from the main position of left wing but can play well from right and center midfield. He is an attacking midfielder. He is nicknamed as “La Fiera” meaning “the Beast”. He spent most of his professional career playing the clubs of Spain.

He has represented Argentina in two FIFA World Cups. He is an excellent dribbler. He is very intelligent and tricky. He possesses great technique in the game. He is skilled in shooting and pa s sing as well.

However, he cannot be compared to a strongest in physique as he lacks speed and durable in the game. He is hot-tempered. He can be prone to theatrics. But, He is a clever and potent attacking threat to his opponents.

Maxi Rodriguez's Net Worth

He has a salary of 3.3 million EUR (2012). His total salary helps him to boosts his net worth. His net worth is in million of Euros. People followed him on social networking sites.

Maxi Rodriguez's Personal Life 

He is a married man. Gabriela Rodriquez is the name of his spouse. There is no other information available on his personal life. He has put his low personal profile.

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