Martin Truex Jr. Got Emotional On The Victory Lane As Thought Changed To Girlfriend

News by Joey Jordan Published on 10 Oct,2017 Updated on 15 Dec,2020

Martin Truex Jr. got emotional thinking his girlfriend Sherry, who is battling cancer, on the victory lane after winning another NASCAR’s playoffs on Sunday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The last two-time champion Kyle Busch completed the race with the damaged car; wrecked early in the race.

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The victory also ensured Truex’s third round playoffs in the NASCAR. Sherry has been going through chemotherapy for her ovarian cancer and had a chemotherapy session scheduled Monday. 

Truex said after the race,

It hit me in victory lane and all of a sudden you can’t talk. There’s so much I’m thankful for because this stuff is so hard.

He added,

I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Yeah, Sherry, I was thinking about her because she’s not here, and I know she really wanted to be.

Truex wasn’t the strongest racer in the first two stage of the race as it went to Kevin Harvick where Truex lost Stage 1 playoff points for the first time after July. He reached the same phase a year ago too, but he was eliminated in the second round of the playoffs.

Chase Elliott finished the Truex won the race where Harvick came third, and Hamlin finished as fourth.