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Mae Akins Roth is a prominent American child, the daughter of acclaimed American actress Laurie Metcalf. Her father, Matthew P. Roth, is also a recognized actor from the United States.

Mae's mother Laurie has received numerous prestigious acting accolades for her exceptional performances, including three Primetime Emmy Awards and two Tony Awards. Furthermore, she has been nominated for an Academy Award, showcasing her remarkable talent and contribution to the entertainment industry.

Mae Akins Roth is Born Through Surrogacy 

Mae Akins Roth was born on July 5, 2005, in the United States via surrogacy. Her parents, Laurie Metcalf and Matt Roth have chosen not to publicly disclose the reasons behind their decision to opt for surrogacy. Mae has three siblings named Zoe Perry, Will Theron Roth, and Donovan Roth.

Mae Akins Roth posing with her mother, Laurie Metcalf at an event. SOURCE: Biographypedia

Mae attended a private high school, although details regarding the specific school she attended remain undisclosed. Throughout her upbringing, Laurie Metcalf and Matt Roth have maintained a deliberate effort to shield Mae from media attention. Consequently, very little information is available about her childhood and upbringing due to her parents' preference for privacy.

Who Is Mae Akins Roth's Boyfriend?

Mae Akins is currently single and prioritizing her studies, being at a young age to engage in relationships. She is focused on her personal growth and development. There are no relationship rumors surrounding her due to her youth, and her parents remain her primary companions.

As Mae matures and becomes more aware, she may eventually explore relationships and affairs. She often appears in public with her parents but generally keeps a low profile. Her Instagram account is set to private, maintaining distance from public attention.

A Brief About Mae's Parents' Relationship

Mae Akins Roth's parents Laurie Metcalf and Matt Roth initially crossed paths in 1998 while working together on the set of the sitcom "Rosanne." They are portrayed as an on-screen couple. Their roles facilitated a connection, sparking an attraction that led to them beginning a romantic relationship.

Mae Akins Roth's father Matt Roth's net worth is $1 Million. SOURCE: buzznigeria

A year later, Laurie and Matt's first son, Will, was born. After six years of dating, Laurie and Matt formalized their relationship in a private wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, the couple's marriage encountered difficulties, and they separated in 2008, three years after their wedding.

The former pair Laurie and Matt opted to keep their separation private until their official divorce in 2011. Following the legal proceedings, Matt sought joint and legal custody of their three children. Laurie agreed to share custody, and despite their separation, they maintained an amicable relationship focused on jointly raising their kids.

How Rich Are Mae Akins Roth's Parents?

Mae Akins' current net worth remains undisclosed as she hasn't pursued a professional career yet. Benefiting from her parents' substantial wealth, she enjoys a comfortable and affluent lifestyle owing to their prominence in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Mae's father, Matt Roth, holds a personal net worth exceeding $1 million. Her mother, the accomplished actress Laurie Metcalf, is estimated to possess a total net worth surpassing $14 million, earning approximately $400 thousand per episode for her work.

A Brief About Mae Akins Roth's Mother 

Laurie Metcalf, born on June 16, 1955, in Carbondale, Illinois, is the daughter of Libby and James Metcalf, with two siblings, James and Linda. She attended Edwardsville High School and pursued a theater major at Illinois State University.

CAPTION: Mae Akins Roth's mother Laurie Metcalf's net worth is $14 million. SOURCE: Biography Line

Mae's mother Laurie's acting career soared after gaining recognition in the 1992 sitcom "Roseanne," where she portrayed her role exceptionally. For that, she earned multiple awards and nominations, including three Emmy Awards. Her extensive filmography includes notable works such as "The Accidental Wolf" (2020-2022), "Toy Story 4" (2019), "Lady Bird" (2017), among others.

Throughout her career, Laurie Metcalf has been the recipient of numerous awards. It includes multiple Primetime Emmy Awards from 1992 to 1994, as well as accolades from the AARP Movies for Grownups Awards, Atlanta Film Critics Circle, Awards Circuit Community Awards, and Boston Society of Film Critics Awards. It highlights her remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry.

A Brief About Mae Akins Roth's Father 

Matthew P. Roth, an American actor, was born on September 15, 1964, making him 59 years old. Commencing his acting journey in 1990, he has since amassed an extensive repertoire of roles across various productions.

Mae's father Matthew's inaugural acting credit dates back to the TV film "Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston" (1990), portraying the character Michael Stuart. Her acting portfolio includes appearances in several projects such as "The Antagonist" (1991), "Crisis Center" (1997), "Frasier" (1999), "Ghost Whisperer" (2008), and "Castle" (2014).


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