Love over age says Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

News by Clarence Published on 09 May,2016 Updated on 09 May,2016

''Love over age'', lately has been something to talk about when it comes to the Hollywood Celebrities.There are numerous examples of celebrities who have given more priority to their love rather than the age difference between them. Among them, one of the most talked couples who have strongly supported the concept of 'love over age' is Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

Micheal Douglas is a renowned American producer, actor born on September 25, 1994, Basic instinct and Fatal attraction are some of his best movies. Likewise, his ladylove Catherine Zeta-jones is a Welsh actress born on September 25, 1969. Micheal and Catherine met in august 1998 at the film festival. They were introduced to one another by their common friend Danny DeVito and started dating only after few months.

There was not any issue of 25 years of an age gap between them as they were so in love. Their love turned into a marital relation on November 18, 2000, at plaza hotel, NewYork city. The age gap was never any issue between them.  however, their health issue somehow created the rift between the celebrities. In 2010, Douglas revealed that he was suffering from throat cancer. The disease later became the reason that the couple decided to take a break from each other. 

Apart from all the reasons, their love didn't fade. After some time, they solved their problems and gave their relation  yet another chance. Micheal is a father of three children. Camero Morrell Douglas, born in 1978, is his ex-wife.

Micheal Douglas said in an interview that  the marriage is like a lovely orchid we have to nurture and cherish it, but if it is ignored it withers. He stands on what he have said. Even the 25 years gap between him and his wife didn't stop him from loving her. Their marital relation has been growing stronger even when they have already celebrated their 15th marriage anniversary. 

All the information regarding his bio, movies, and their family are presented in this article;hope it would come handy for you.