Lis Wiehl, the legal analyst for Fox News, was married to Mickey Sherman, an attorney, for six years

News by Clarence Published on 24 Jul,2016 Updated on 24 Jul,2016

Nowadays in the media world 'Lis Wiehl' is a supremely talented and renowned name as an author, lawyer, and an American television personality. She was born as a white American girl on 19th august, 1961 in Yakima, Washington, United States of America and married lawyer Mickey Sherman in 2006.

She completed her high school education from West Valley High School in Yakima,Washington itself and she earned her bachelor's degree from Barnard college in 1983 after which she completed her university from University of Queensland majoring in literature. Her interest in anchoring and lawyer from her childhood has now led her to successful television personality and lawyer.

After six years of her married life with Mickey Sherman, Lis got divorced with him. After getting married they gave birth to two children Daniel London and Jacob London one after another respectively. Things got quite complicated when Mickey was sentenced to prison for one year and one day in 2010 accused of being on the side of cousin Michael Skakel who was accused of murder.

Mickey Sherman was also accused of failing to pay around $420000 in income taxes. Sherman as a TV personality has appeared as a commentator on MSNBC, CNBC, HLN, Fox News, and CNN and also employed as a legal analyst on CBS News.His latest appearance on TV news was on December 13 on HLN. At the time when Mickey was with Lis Wiehl before 2010, they must be happy living together. The strain may have created after Mickey supported his guilty cousin and went to jail. 

Even after reaching 54 years of age, Lis has amazing body figure and is capable of stealing the heart of any man and when she shows off her sexy pair of legs some people may ask to marry him immediately. She has also written over 50 great novels. she wrote her first novel 'Face of Betrayal' for which she was hugely appreciated.

Wiehl has published other famous novels such as Snapshot, Nashville, Hand of Fate, Eyes of Justice, Darkness Rising, Lethal Beauty and much more. By these Novels and by hosting 'Legal Lis' radio show and 'Wiehl of Justice' Podcast she has achieved extraordinary success and fame. By the meantime, she will probably be engaged in living with her two sons and writing novels than being an attorney.