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Linda Ripa, recognized as the younger sister of Kelly Ripa, co-host of "Live! with Kelly and Ryan," is a children's book author and a car accident survivor. Kelly Ripa is celebrated as an actress, dancer, talk show host, and TV producer, renowned for her roles in "All My Children" and "Hope & Faith."

Kelly's high-profile presence on "Live! with Kelly and Ryan" contrasts with Linda's relative absence from media attention, except for a single notable incident. Unfortunately, this incident revolved around a distressing car accident, marking Linda's only significant mention in the media.

For a detailed insight into Linda Ripa's early life, her relationship with her well-known sister Kelly, her personal life, and more, explore the exclusive article detailing her experiences and background.

What Is Linda Ripa's Age?

Linda Ripa, born on December 3, 1968, in Camden County, New Jersey, is in her mid-50s and is the daughter of Esther and Joseph Ripa. Her home was near her son Sergio's father's residence. 

A childhood picture of Linda Ripa with her mother and sister Linda Ripa.  SOURCE: Instagram

Linda's paternal grandparents, Giuseppe Ripa and Maria, were both of Italian descent. Linda's maternal grandmother, Esther A. DiPretoro, hailed from Italian parents in Pennsylvania, with roots tracing back to Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy. In her childhood, Linda displayed an interest in drawing.

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Who Is Linda Ripa's Husband?

Linda Ripa's marital status remains a mystery due to her absence from the press and interviews. However, it was previously known that she was engaged, reportedly to a police officer in a historic Camden County town back in 1999.

Details about whether Linda married her son Sergio Giuseppe's father or if their relationship endured over the years remain undisclosed. Little information has surfaced about Sergio Giuseppe's father or whether Linda is currently in a relationship, leaving much of her personal life veiled in secrecy.

Linda Ripa Has Survived A Dangerous Car Accident

In 1999, Linda Ripa, sister of the former 'Dancin' On Air' star, faced a life-threatening accident while eight months pregnant. A drunk driver struck her minivan as she waited at a traffic light in Northeast Philadelphia. Linda sustained numerous severe injuries, including crushed bones and a broken pelvis, putting her unborn baby, Sergio-Giuseppe, into a coma.

Despite her injuries, Linda refused anesthetics during leg surgery to protect her baby from potential harm. After four weeks in a coma, Sergio-Giuseppe was born prematurely but miraculously survived, though with lingering breathing issues. Linda's son grew up healthy and aspires to become a musician.

The traumatic incident deeply affected Linda and her family for years. Her sister, Kelly, provided unwavering support throughout this harrowing period, standing by Linda's side during the difficult weeks. Doctors hailed Sergio as a "miracle baby" due to his improbable survival after such a catastrophic accident.

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Linda Received Millions Of Dollars After Car Accident

Following the accident, Linda Ripa faced a mix of experiences. On a positive note, she received a $15 million settlement due to medical malpractice during one of her surgeries. Conversely, the drunk driver responsible for the accident received a 6 to 24-month jail sentence.

Linda encountered hostility from the driver's family during the trial but received immense support from bystanders at the accident scene. The accident marked the end of Linda's modeling career. Her injuries led to mobility issues, with doctors foreseeing the likelihood of her needing a cane for longer walks.

Consequently, Linda's mobility remained limited and stiff for years. These challenges influenced her career choice, as writing required less physical movement, prompting her to pursue it as a profession.

Kelly Ripa Helped Her Sister Linda In Her Difficult Situations

Since Linda's sister's near-fatal accident, Kelly Ripa has been actively involved in advocating against drunk driving, notably supporting organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Both Kelly and Linda have dedicated themselves to MADD's initiatives following the accident, with Kelly being particularly committed, personally involving herself in these efforts.

Linda Ripa with her sister Kelly Ripa. SOURCE: triniradio

In 2001, Kelly Ripa served as the national chair for MADD's Tie One on for Safety campaign, encouraging drivers to display a MADD red ribbon on their cars, symbolizing a commitment to drive sober during holiday weekends. Additionally, Kelly has been a strong supporter of Linda's burgeoning writing career. She has featured her author sister on "Live with Regis and Kelly" to promote Linda's book and has accompanied her at various events, displaying unwavering support for Linda's endeavors.

Career Details 

Linda Ripa had a varied career, previously working as a model and hosting a TV sports show before transitioning to become a writer. In 2003, she authored a children's book, "The Ladybug Blues," originating from a tale crafted for her son, Sergio-Giuseppe, at age 4.

In contrast to her sister Kelly's high-profile presence in talk show programs, Linda has intentionally maintained a low profile, notably absent from social media platforms like Facebook. Her relatively secluded nature keeps her activities and whereabouts largely unknown.

Likewise, Kelly seldom mentions her younger sister, Linda, either on her active Instagram account or elsewhere, contributing to the mystery surrounding Linda's life.

What Is Linda Ripa's Net Worth?

Linda Ripa has accumulated a net worth estimated at approximately $10 million from her various professional endeavors. While on bed rest, she authored a children's book titled "Ladybug Blues" in 2002, currently available in Hardcover format on Amazon for $16.3.

Kelly Ripa’s sister Linda Ripa's net worth is $10 Million. SOURCE: Pinterest

Before her writing career, Linda had worked as a model and hosted several sports programs, contributing significantly to her wealth. In contrast, her sister Kelly Ripa boasts a substantial fortune totaling $120 million.



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