Lawrence Zarian is NOT Married to Jennifer Dorogi, Here's The REAL TRUTH

Lawrence Zarian is well known for his work on Home & Family. However, he does not seem to have a family of his own. There have been some reports saying that The Fashion Team owner is married to Jennifer Dorogi. We are here to set the records straight.

Along with Lawrence married life reality, we will also talk about Zarian's sexuality. 

Jennifer Dorogi Apparently Calls Zarian Her 'Other Hubby' or her 'Second Husband'

If you look at the profiles of Lawrence Zarian and Jennifer Dorogi online, you'll find quite contradictory facts about their married life. The Entertainment Tonight star, Lawrence Zarian, is one of the best stylists who has worked with numerous celebrities. Could it be that he styled Jennifer Dorogi and they are very good friends, and that is why she calls him her 'other hubby?' That is most likely true!

Just take a minute to think, while why would anyone even think of calling their husband a second husband or their other hubby if the person in question was, in fact, their true husband? That's borderline offensive!

Also, take a look at Lawrence Zarian's Instagram, he posts actively and about pretty much everything from morning walks to going out with friends, why doesn't he post about his wife if he has one? Let's settle the doubt here and now, Lawrence Zarian and Jennifer Dorogi aren't married! 

Such a great night at Divine Design for a wonderful cause @projectangelfood with my second hubby @LawrenceZarian

— jennifer dorogi (@jendorogi) November 30, 2012

Oh! Wait! Wait! There's something quite interesting left to discuss. Lawrence Zarian might actually be gay! We said 'might', let us bring forward the proofs before you get skeptical!

Is Lawrence Zarian Gay?

Lawrence has not spoken about his sexuality and neither has he talked about his relationship with any girls. But an Instagram tells a thousand words that can be put together to form a story! What do you say? Take a look.

Well, things do point towards the fact that Lawrence is interested in boys and not girls. To make things confusing Zarian did Instagram a photo congratulating Kelly Ripa on winning Daytime Emmy calling her his 'future wife' when Ripa has been married to Mark Consuelos since 1996. Ripa has a 100 million net worth.

It is as if we don't confuse Lawrence Zarian enough with his twin Gregory Zarian, he has to play this 'I may or might not be gay' game with us! Why man? Why? Straight, gay, or queer, Lawrence is a gorgeous-looking guy!

Hobbies & Interest of Lawrence Zarian  

According to Lawrence, he loves scones, so much so he says he has a scone addiction and cholate chips cookies. But he does not bake at all. He is very bad at cooking and says that cooking is not his thing. Even though twice a year he makes a chicken dish which he named 'famous chicken', something that he cooks himself and invites his friends and family over.

 If it's a nice day, he loves to make himself some BBQ and if you have to get him to watch something on TV, give him red wine and popcorn.

All in all, we like to wish him the best of luck for his work. For more updates and celebs news, keep coming back to Article Bio. We love you. We know you know it.



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