Left-Wingers Failing at Misrepresenting their Opponent as Villains-Ben Shapiro and Dr. Peterson

News by Riya Published on 04 Feb,2018 Updated on 04 Feb,2018

Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report hosted Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro in a live interview last week, and both the guests agreed with Rubin that left-wing ‘’Social Justice Warriors’’ were mostly responsible for their sudden rise to fame. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson associates with the University of Toronto and Ben Shapiro is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire. Both personalities are recognized internationally as intellectual mega-stars who support reason, free speech, and common sense. Both of them are known are opponents of politics based on empathy.

During the live interview, all three agreed that they should be grateful that their opponents had upgraded them intellectually and given them new influence in the public square. 

Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson against Politics based on Empathy

Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson against Politics based on Empathy

The live interview on YouTube, it was upbeat, Rubin even predicted a huge audience. He said, ‘’We are going to crack the internet today because I am sitting between two people who I think are really at the forefront of what I think is an ideas revolution on Planet Earth.”

The show garnered 245,000 views within 20 hours. 

Rubin discussed how people are now turning to Peterson and Shapiro in the intellectual chaos ‘’post-trump.’’ He mentioned how Peterson’s profile had ‘’exploded’’ with people’s question in recent weeks, Shapiro added saying Peterson is ‘’the man of the hour.’’

The show revolved around the theme of the growing fellowship-‘’crew’’ of intellectuals together against ‘’identity politics’’ in an ‘’ideas revolution.’’

Reason-based thinkers like Shapiro and Dr. Peterson are promoting ‘’personal responsibility’’ over grievance politics and ‘’meaning’’ based on ‘’purpose.’’

Peterson said,

What I‘m hoping is happening, is that we’re beginning to elucidate the fundamental problems of identity politics. Like the real errors in it... Because I think [postmodernists] are wrong…. That the path they are choosing is improper.

Dr. Peterson continued by saying, “I think we know enough now to subvert the fundamental postmodern claims.”  
The guests reflected on what had made them famous-Shapiro’s ‘’shellacking’’ of Piers Morgan, Peterson’s interview with Cathy Newman and, Dave Rubin’s discussions on Islam with Sam Harris.

They then examined how left-wing media ultimately fails to misrepresent its ideological opponents as villains, but still keeps on trying. Shapiro said, ‘’ they’re (left-wingers) to impose their order on the chaos, but using the wrong frame.’’

He added that the mainstream media are more interested in fitting people into ‘’Russian nesting dolls’’ and that he enjoys being interviewed by them because he likes having conversations. 

Rubin asked his guests if they all didn’t owe SJWs for forcing their opponents (intellectuals) into a group and be a part of the ideas revolution. 

Peterson replied Rubin saying, ‘’in a weird way, do we owe the postmodernists some thanks, then? Because if you think about it, they forced someone like Lindsay [Shepherd] to be public now.’’

He added, ‘’we owe them because they’ve sharpened us intellectually, but I think they’ve allowed all these other people to wake up.” 

Dr. Peterson, a Canadian, is a clinical psychologist, a professor, and a published author. Shapiro, an American, is a best-selling author, a conservative journalist and a lawyer.